Any ideas on getting support

I live alone and now that my daughter is having twins (she has a 2 year old and will have the twins this summer), she just won't have the time to help me.

I have difficulty reading and writing (Anomic aphasia, Alexia without agraphia and short term memory) since my brain bleed. In the past I would have my daughter come over and read my mail and pay my bills. This is not going to happen after the twins come. The rest of my family works and doesn't have the time to help me.

There is assisted living centers in my area, but I don't think I'm ready for that yet.

Does anyone have any ideas on getting the help I need?


Louisa, this sounds like a perfect opportunity for a responsible high schooler to get community service hours. Perhaps you could contact your local high school and ask for the staff member in charge of community service? They might be able to set you up with a student. Many students continue to serve during the summers.

Another thought that comes to mind is contacting Senior Services - they should have access to resources that would apply to your needs (even when you're NOT a senior).
Hugs & well-wishes, my friend! :)

Many larger cities have a community health thing. I know when our daughter was in college, she worked as an in-home attendant about 10 hrs / week. The community health deal paid their salaries, hired them, assigned them, etc.

I'd check your city or county health dept as well. One advantage is they do background checks on the workers, so that might keep the rif-raft out.

Remember, free is good!

Ron, ks

Thanks everyone....Great ideas! I really could use some help!


I glanced online about this program: Rhode Island Community Living and Supports (RICLAS)

They offer nursing and direct supports. Would it be possible to qualify for these kinds of services?

Thanks Tina, for finding that for me, Tina! What would I do without you AVM'rs!

Check out your local bank. Many have services to help pay bills.