Any help for a sublexed shoulder?

Anyone else experience a sublexed shoulder from the AVM my Neuro told me it was a very common side effect. I find it frustrating and painful. I have spent hours on the E-Stim not the solution!I have some excercises the OT reccomended too, its getting better, but not corrected. Any ideas or suggestions Outside of the amputation my husband keeps threatening (its all tough love around here they don't accept that its neuro not not physical My family said if I would do 100 push ups/day that is the answer....Like I said all tough love here! Any suggestions about the sublex?/not the husband---him I just ignore!!

Nicole=miserable in hemiparysis

Nicole I have no idea what a sublexed shoulder is I'm afraid.

Since surgery in 2009, I have a very sore shoulder on the right side and surgery was on the left. I haven't said anything to my doctor as we talk about my head, headaches,etc, so I would really appreciate it, if you would let me know what it is please. Many thanks, and good luck for you, Lesley.

There should be braces that will help your relieve the pain in your shoulder. I do not believe there is anything that can be done for the sublux, but you should be able to google adult sublux brace and see a few options that would help. Sorry, that’s the best I can offer. Good luck!!

Thank you Tina. I am now officially a brace free woman! As my newest Neuro put it “How/Why do you expect your brain to start doing its job again if you offer it a crutch?” SO He took away both my give-more shouder sling and the ankle brace I was so fond of! It’s been 6 months and I haven’t broken my ankle–yet-- when it rolls inward, and my arm hasn’t fallen off my body either!It is very liberating to be free! I will admit I still cry for my Keneesio from time to time . But my husband insists NO WAY its been 6 months so lets continue to move forward not backward. L:ike I said before --it’s all tough love here!I’m not convinced the GiveMore Sling realy gave that much more! Frankely it was a pain in the ass to get in to alone and I am al about independance! What I need are some more alternative treatments that seem to be so much more effective than Western medicine Thanks again I dont mean to be snippy I’ve just been up since 5:30 for a swim meet for my 12 yr old on the other side of town I apologize if I’m a little cranky