Any Florida people out there?

I’m in sarasota fl… only a month into this journey & it’s already been a rough ride! I’m on medicaid, which has ridiculous amount of red tape, referrals etc. I paid out of pocket for my first neurologist ($375 for 2 appts) and he turned out to be a joke & had no idea what he was talking about regarding my condition. Big fat waste of time! I want to get a second opinion from a good dr who’s treated a CCM before & am finding it difficult. Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated!

@Lomil I am near the Ocala area, I also was on medicaid. It was extremely difficult to find a nuerologist who took me seriously. :worried: I never really did, but I got one to give me referral to a nuerosurgeon. Dr. Bellew in Orlando. He works with the Orlando Nuerosurgery Group. He takes Medicaid and is wonderful. I hope this helps.

Thank you! That is actually very helpful. I appreciate the insight & will most certainly look into him.

I am in the Tampa area.
Mohamed S. Elhammady, MD removed my AVM.
I would recommend him.

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I am in Sarasota and am way past AVM hemorrhage. If you want to ask anything, please do. I can help, and even though I am older, I need to talk, too.


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I live near Orlando too. Just got MRA done and they told me I have arterial malformation. Trying to find neurosurgeons in the area. Very hard to get an appointment with any of the docs from Orlando Neurosurgery but I am sending all my info to Dr Bellew and we will see.