Any ever taken Topamax

Hi guys,hows things,my doc is about to start me on this seizure medication,anyone ever take it,and how were things,hatetaking meds and this one ill be on for a bit,so just wondered what everyone who has taken this med felt!!thanks for the help.,…caroline,xxooxxooxxoo

hi caroline,
i am currently taking topamax…i have had a few side effects…as soon as i began taking it my appititite decreassed…this has been on going as my dose has been increased over the last 3 months i am now on 200mgs…every time my dose is increased i cant eat for about 2 days then i have to force myself to eat something by day three and my neuro wants me on 400mgs…since i started i approx 10-12 weeks ago i have lost about 20kgs…for me i havent minded this side effect because since my surgery i have put on 50kgs due to meds and the inability to exercise…but if you cant afford to loose any weight i wouldnt reccommend this med…in the begining i found topamax to give me energy as i have hit a higher dose it is making me feel more tired…and since i have been on the 200mgs i have found myself falling into a pit of deppression…which is very unlike me…because i am such a positive person…thats why i am sure its the topamax…just find myself crying for no reason…i have also found my balance off…i can be standinding straight then all of a sudden can almost fall…on a good note topamax has provided great siezure control for me…i have not had one aura or siezure since starting…have you been offered any other options beside topamax? it might be worth asking…let me know how you go…best wishes xxxxx

I was offered it, but I said that I would take the decadron again. I’m off of the tapering dose of decadron(steroid) as of today 8-17-09. I told the doctor that I would take the topamax if I didn’t feel better in about two to three weeks. I hope that I don’t need it. I’m going to work on myself because these meds are too much for me. If I need them, I bite the bullet and take them though. I really needed the steroid, I could not take the cranial pressure, it’s always better on the steroid, now that I’m off, it feels like the pressure is coming back. I’m not going to freak out, yet. LOL I don’t like this cranial pressure. The last time I went to the hospital for it, one of the docs told me that it was a common complaint after G.K. Another doctor told me that it was old blood near my avm and that it had to absorb. This doc seems to think that most avms bleed a little during the G.K. procedure. I don’t know, my avm doc said that there were not any new things to worry about on my scans, he doesn’t do much talking anyhow.
My 22 is a having a baby, I’ll be glad when she delivers. Fun, fun, fun.


My family doctor gave me Topomax as a migraine preventative, I and especially my wife found that it made me bad tempered and irratible, or as she put it " like a bear with a sore head" so I stopped taking it. It did not seem prevent the migraines anyway.

hi caroline
my 14 year old daughter has been on topamax for about a year now, only a low dose. it was given initially to help her migraines, thankfully she has never had any seizures. the neurologist prescribed it. her dose has increased over the year and this has tended to coincide with a bad migraine, but it did reduce her headaches alot and in the year she perhaps had 3 really bad ones whereas before they happened every few weeks.
her appetite did reduce intially when the drug was increased but only for a couple of days and other than that she hasnt experienced any problems with taking it.
good luck!