Any AVMers on Maui?

Escaped the madness of the mainland a year ago and looking to meet up with fellow survivors on the island.

I am a survivor and a parent of 2 children with pulmonary and cerebral AVM's, as well as 5 children with HHT.

Mahalo :)

Hi Christine,

I went to the members page, did an advanced search, and no one (not even you - grin) lists their address as Maui. There is one member listed in Hawaii.

For you and any others that are wanting to link up, suggest you send a friend request to the member(s) you want to communicate with. That way it will show up when they next log on. If someone isn't on this site for a week or so, there are enough posts that a discussion post such as your's might be several pages back and easy to miss.

Hope this helps.
Ron, KS