Anxiety or Depression?

Does anyone on here take anxiety meds to help deal with everyday avm problems? Not the aches and pains but the mental part. I’m beginning to wonder if i should take something. Its a daily struggle for me to get out of bed for a variety of reasons. 1.) I’m tired cause it takes till 2 am before I’m forced to fall asleep. By this i mean my eyes finally close on their own. I’m so scared that something will happen and i won’t wake up or that I’ll wake up but won’t be able to get my husband up. 2.) i have horrible morning headaches that take me 1/2 hr to be able to sit up to get out of bed. 3.) Some days i don’t see the need to do anything. If i do house work i end up hurting. If i lay around all day my mind wonders then i drive my husband (and myself really) crazy with thoughts of things that could happen and all the “what ifs”. He has begged me to talk to my dr. to help us figure something out what to do. So I’m not so moody and so i have some get up and go. My son starts school full time on september 3 rd. This is going to be hard for me mostly cause even though he is 5 i feel if something happens i have a person who can call 911 or my husband. So now i have those crazy thoughts going on. Another reason it stinks is now I’m really understanding that he is growing up and might be are only baby/ child. That just kills me, to think I’m depriving my son and husband something they both want another child/sibling. I’m not sure if its depression to some degree or just anxiety or what the heck to make of all this. I just kind of think by now i should be doing better with this whole avm situation. But I’m just not. There are days where i don’t stress over all the negative things but there are not very many. Especially when my sister in laws are having babies. I don’t know how to deal with this anymore. I don’t want more pills to take but it might be time. I need to start living again. Instead of living in fear everyday that I might not be here tomorrow. Has anyone talked to their dr about this??? Please help thanks


there is alot of medications to help deal with anxiety and depression…personally i have never used any…but sometimes in life we all need a little helping hand…if your avm is deystroying your life i do suggest you talk to your doctor…i found talking to a councellor really helpful…please know we are here for you…and if you ever need to chat you know where to find me…try to stay positive…i have found meditation very beifecial in releasing stess and anxiety…once you master how to do it you wish you could do it all day every day…i started by purchasing a guided meditation cd…until i learnt to train my mind to switch off…give it a go…sending lots of positive energies your way xxxxx


Again, I do take them to be able to survive. I see a mental health therapist and she believes I need to take them or I wouldn’t eat or sleep. Go see someone as soon as possible. You should have to live like this, Andria! Your husband and child shouldn’t have to worry about you all the time either! Hang in there!

Angela, I just started taking meds. for anxiety and depression about a month ago. I haven’t noticed much difference yet, so my Dr. increased the dosage. I understand that it takes a while before you get the levels just right. I have noticed that when I feel anxious or overwhelmed that it doesn’t last as long and doesn’t feel quite so hopeless. Definitely talk to your doctor. I was totally against taking medication too, but then I realized that all I was doing was denying that there was anything wrong and denying myself the help that is available. You don’t have to live like this either. Ask for some help!

Andrea, My husband has 2 avm’s. He has alot of days like you do. He has alot of problems getting to sleep and staying asleep. If he ever gets woken up he is up for the day. I try to get him to lay in bed and rest but too much stuff runs through his mind all the time and he can’t lay there. He does take meds for anxiety and depression (Klonopin and Xanax).He takes the klonipin twice daily and the xanax only when the days seem to be worse. He does the same things you do. At night he kisses me and looks at me for a long time and says, I just want remember everything about you in case i dont wake up. Or when i leave for work he does the same thing. It is horrifying for him and me. I worry so much about him. Being scared is very natural and no one can completely get away from it. But I TOTALLY agree with your husband! You need to speak with your doctor right away! He can start you on something. My husband started on lexapro, but eventually had to go to something else. After a while you may have to change to another medicine. But please speak to your doctor. You may want to consider a psychologist. My husband is currently seeing one. I usually go in with him. Maybe after a few visits your husband may consider going in with you also. It helps him tremendously when he talks to his counselor. I dont know what it is like for you or my husband but i do know what its like for you husband. My prayers are with you both. Oh, also when your son goes to school, you should invest in a wireless earpiece for your phone. We only have cell phones so my husband turns his bluetooth on every morning and calls my phone so my number is the last one he calls. So if he falls or something all he has to do hold the button in and it will call me. I dont know if i have helped at all but i hope so. Goodluck and GOD bless you!

Hi, Andrea- there’s nothing wrong with taking something for the anxiety and potential depression. I take wellbutrin everyday and have clonazepam to take for those really tough moments. Talk to your doctor. Insist.

We are not in control. It is a spiritual force over and around us. We did not ask for any of this, don’'t blame yourself for not being able to have another baby. Thank God for the one you have and do as I know you have been, enjoy him. This is not easy, but we are all going to leave here and none of us know when, not even the people without avms. I know it is rough, especially when you have young children, but pray and keep living. My 22 year old is having a baby, I’m 50 so I’m done with my baby having days, I’m having grands now. Get help if you need it.
Peace and Blessings,

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