Anxiety drugs

has anyone had any experience with anxiety medication? Benzodiazepines like xanax or ativan, or anything else that helps you feel less anxiety from AVM. I will be very grateful for the answers :heart:

Hey Sona,

I’ve been trialled on all sorts of meds from benzos to psychos. For some people they can work really well, if you can find the right dose for you. An issue with some of these medications can be their addictive nature. I tended to start off with a low dose but found I was taking more as my stress increased, then I normalised to that higher dose to get the same result. So the next stress and I was taking more again. I found myself in an awful spiral, down.

I now only use them for sleep and maybe only once a week. If I take one tonight, then another tomorrow night, tomorrow’s one doesn’t work as well. then by the third night I find I can’t sleep without them. After a week of taking them every night I find I need a higher and higher dose. I need a break or they loose their effectiveness really quickly.

So as I say for some, yes, they are good. For me… …not so much

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

They can be very useful in the SHORT TERM. They work very well for what they do. I’ve used them sparingly during a period of panic attacks and extreme anxiety. I was grateful that drugs like this exist. However, if they are taken long term, or as a regimen, they can be very detrimental and you’ll wish you never took them in the first place. I’ve heard that the withdrawal from these drugs and trying to get off them is the worst thing you can experience. With Xanax, it’s like taking an Advil. Take it only when you need it, don’t start to depend on it.

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I have tried anxiety drugs but they did not do much for me. Finally, after trying everything else my Dr told me to try CBD. I buy it from CW Hemp, the makers of Charlotte’s Web. Now I am anxiety free, a lot calmer and sleep like a baby. It is much better than pharmaceuticals. Go to for more info. Good luck

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I have taken anxiety medication, and for me, it felt like if I had any hint of anxiety I NEEDED THEM! agh, that in itself can be a horrible feeling. I do understand wanting that horrific feeling to go away. People who haven’t experienced anxiety or panic attacks have no idea how extreme the feeling is. I too went to CBD. It has helped me tons! (no feelings of being high or addicted) learning breathing techniques have also really helped me though difficult anxiety attacks. Always remember, you’re never alone. We’re here!


I was prescribed xanax after my AVM was embolized because I have such problems falling asleep. I take 1/2 of a 25mg tablet maybe once a month or less when I am desperate to sleep. Not only do I fear the dependency but my pharmacist told me new studies show prolonged use can lead to dementia/ alzheimers. I use them little to never as the side effects seem worse than the cure.

Beta blockers will kill anxiety & keep blood pressure down - which of course is good if you have an AVM. Propranolol is a common one.

I have not had anxiety with my avm but I did years ago when I had a stalker at work and my dr prescribed valium and it worked I wasnt taking daily
I do know some of the benzos can have some withdrawal problems
I got my sister some marijuana liquid that works well. We live in SF so its legal and we take gummies for pain and sleep.

I do take 1/2 a tablet of 1mg Ativan daily, but it was the same dose of Xanax a few years ago… I have suffered from anxiety & panic attacks way before my AVM but feel like they help me with all the things I had tried… I think my anxiety is managed well but getting off these benzos would be better… God bless!