Anxiety after post op!

Hi there!
Looking for some positive energy & maybe some reassuring words or thoughts before my MRI tomorrow!

It’s been four years since my AVM has been removed, however I get headaches here and there and sometimes subtle eye pressure (hard to explain). I have made an eye doctor apppintment btw!

Question: Post op surgery did anyone else ever have slight headaches or strange pains they’ve never noticed before? I know sometimes scar tissue can cause some sensations but I’m interested to hear other peoples experiences.

Anyhow, back to my short story… my doctors said it’s very rare my AVM would ever come back after removal. I trust my doctors, but I’m not sure the anxiety of it coming back ever goes away. I was very fortunate enough for them to find it and treat it, so I am hoping and praying tomorrow gives me the clarity I need to settle my anxiety.

I try everyday to be thankful it was caught but I’m sure as many can relate, sometimes anxiety can be a powerful thing! Hoping everyone is staying strong out there and thinking of you all!

Hey @Taylorlyss! Certainly a scary situation! Having had multiple AVM and multiple bleeds, I get what you’re saying! I feel that the Lord has given us all 24 hours in a day, no more, no less. What I mean is, if the AVM does grow back which I think would be rare, check with the docs that know! Get a second opinion. Have another MRI or CT. Be your own best advocate! Know that there are those out there praying that you would see even this tangle of tissue in your life as a part of His greater story of redemption. Hoping you can cast all your worries and cares onto the only One Who promises to help forever. Blessings as you continue and blessings as you go!

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I just got out of the ER again - they did a full MRI & everything looked great

I felt a headache onset, then a pressure behind my right eye, 3 days later or so my right leg started to go numb - I waited 6 days before going to the ER

I felt I needed to go back - something def seemed wrong, before this I was about 90% symptom free for about 3 months, my embolization was done right over 6 months ago.

Long story shorter, it just happens - their verbatim; you may get pains, sensations & so on for life - most get better with time.

My nurse’s verbatim; all of you guys are a bit off after brain surgery(from sleep patterns to anxiety, to ghost like pains)

  • go get it checked out.

I wish you good luck, a lot of this is my new normal


@randombeggar I hope you are doing fine now! What a scary thing, but I couldn’t agree with you more. Sometimes you just need to go with your gut! I did have my follow up today and all was clear! I am feeling very lucky and thankful.

Thanks for the kind words.

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@mike_az_21 interesting! Out of curiosity what type of pains do you get? I’m glad to know I am not alone.

I like your terminology of ghost pains! They really are so mysterious and hard to explain sometimes without sounding dramatic! Anyways, I’m glad you are doing okay.

I got checked today and all was clear on my MRI!

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Shoot, I’m glad you’re okay too

Well, when mine hit - I felt very similar symptoms to what I have felt when my hemorrhage happened - the pressure behind my eye, a throbbing head feel, then numbness in my right leg, along with extreme rapid fatigue onset - it didn’t make sense. Pretty much all of the symptoms aside from blurred vision & the massive hot knife through the head feel were there - it’s the best way I could explain it to myself is “ghost pains” - it lasted for a week.

And, unfortunately talking to anyone around me about it doesn’t really feel helpful - I get from; “it’s all in your head”(what a fine way to put it), to you’re fine - it’s the weather

Personally - I didn’t have an answer, I just felt like something was wrong again - since these sensations lasted so long

Before this episode - I was symptom free, as I am now again. . . I get a throb here & there on the left side of my head where the hemorrhage happened & embolization was done. . . But, it’s mild IMO - since I never even take pain relievers for them - until this

This was the first time these pains/sensations came in. Last time I felt crappy somewhat similar to this was on my birthday, four months ago - and, then it was way more called for(I was in the heat for a long time drinking) < that made way more sense to give the symptoms I got + I was barely over 2 months post my embolization & hemorrhage