Was anyone prescribed antidepressants following AVM? How long have you been on them? I have struggled with anxiety and depression following my AVM however I declined meds for years now. I am thinking about talking with my doctor about starting something but I’m wondering the effects on general health? Do people take these life-long? I would love to hear your experiences.

Hey BD,

I’ll give you the short answers for now.


At least 13 years.

Effects on general health - I can honestly say there is a good chance I might not be here were it not for the anti-depressants in some of my darkest stages.

I will probably take them life long.

Personal opinion - there are too many people who look at anti-depressants as different than other types of drugs. To me, there should be no difference in perception of these than of pain killers or anti-seizure drugs or sleep aids or blood pressure meds or…

Ding! Times up. Let me know if you have other questions…



I was put on Valium when I left the ICU - thankfully

Now - a year later, I am on daily alprozolam - I don’t abuse my meds what’s so ever - but, there are times I can not manage without em

This was never the case prior to my AVM/Hemorrhage discovery

So far, so good - my PCP is very understanding & asked him not to over prescribe - less is definitely more when it comes to psyche meds

I’ve not replied here since 2006 - back at the old original site.
But I will now because I honestly believe docs have gone from over-prescribing pain meds to over-describing antidepressants.

I had stereotactic radiosurgery back in early 2006, which didn’t do a thing to eradicate my AVM. But it sure created other problems!
Which the docs have been trying to cure with antidepressants ever since! I tried them for a bit, but they weren’t my ‘cure’.

Everybody is different though.
You need to understand why they would help you. I know many people have benefited from them. But from my point of view, they’re not a cure-all.
Luckily, I have been able to manage without them. For me, it was mainly because I’m too damn stubborn to rely on any kind of med. It wasn’t a walk in the park, but I have never been one to take meds for anything - even the simplest cold. It’s just who I am.
My only advice to you (if you want to try the no-med route) is to find what you love to do in to life. And just do it. Don’t sit back and wait for something to happen. It won’t. You’re the one in control of you.
For me, it’s my dogs. It’s working on my word website. It’s doing my crafts.
Those are my antidepressants.
It took a while to get there - but you can do it. If you can, try not to rely on meds to get you there. A ‘break down’ now and then is quite alright! But when you try, with a lot of heart, you really can manage without 'em! Believe me - I’m a pro at it! Don’t let a pill/tablet control your life.

I want to say here that I know antidepressants do help a lot of people, in all walks of life, make it through the day.

I just wanted to add that sometimes they are not always the only or best solution. That sometimes you can make things work without them.