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Antibiotics for dental/medical procedures


Hi All,
Just a quick question. I have been reading up about PAVMs and have found a couple of articles stating that antibiotics should be given if going to the dentist or having a medical procedure. I am due to have a small medical procedure of an implant being taken out of my arm and a new one put in. I asked my GP whether I require antibiotics but she stated that it was not necessary. Have any of you had antibiotics for anything similar? it seems there are conflicting views out there by the people who wrote the paper I read (an interventional radiologist) and my GP.
Any thoughts on this subject would be helpful.
Kind regards


ABX for dental procedures is a pretty standard “thing” because of the massive amounts of bacteria in the mouth that can be released from the gum lines. Other medical procedures may vary. Things like Norplant etc don’t have a similar risk while other medical procedures such as minor (or major) surgical or even things like colonoscopy may. “medical procedures” is a non specific term that may or may not include a specific procedure. Its decided at the time based on the procedure by the physician.

Just just a quick note. In the USA “preventive” ABX are far more common if you are on medicare or medicaid as the facility is now responsible for acquired infections. There is actually now an increase in a very serious infection called C-diff as a result of these preventive measures and as a result the situations where they are used are actually declining.



Thanks for taking the time to reply TJ, I was just in a bit of a two and eight wondering if I should go ahead with the procedure, due to having read about abx. I know, sometimes we can read too much into things can’t we!!!
Thanks again, Mandy