Anti-inflammatory diet information

I thought a discussion on anti-inflammatory diet information would be a great help as also inspired by this post (source).

Anti-inflammatory diet is known to help reduce pain and treat insomnia. Hence, I am listing here some helpful links.

All about Anti-inflammatory Diet as a remedy:

Online Book about the Anti-inflammatory diet:

This is a link explaining to candida/yeast overgrowth and leaky gut syndrome:

Here's how gluten can affect our body:

I know you also have your own ideas about this diet or you may have stories to share. Please feel free to comment. You can also add some more links and let's make this an ongoing thread full of information about Anti-inflammatory diet. As new members come, all they have to do is search in the Searchbox for the topic. In that way we are gonna be helping each other, just like a real family.

Keep safe everyone!