Another week

Well, 2012 didn’t end on the most positive note. My daughter had influenza, upper respiratory infection, concussion and an ear infection.

We have made five emergency visits since Dec. 22. They’ve tried many drug combinations to alleviate the headache and other symptoms. Nothing has worked.

For 3 weeks:
– she hasn’t been able to sleep through the night more than a few times.
– she hasn’t eaten more than one meal a day.
– stomach hurts when she eats.
– headache almost every day.

Blood work and CT scan haven’t given us any clues. Docs now think it’s psychiatric. Docs have started her on three meds, nothing has helped. I don’t have much faith that a psychiatrist is going to offer any real help.

I refuse to talk to Mayo again – they don’t want to see her. Local doc just bawled me out for calling to ask if I should be concerned about no sleeping and no eating.

So I am just supposed to ignore all this. Yeah, right. Absolutely.