Another trach........another breathe

6 days with a trach… had one before… this one is different. I don’t hurt as much. It has an inner canula that when it is blocked all I have to do is remove the inner canula and life is good again. Looks and stares are abundant. Something I have to get used to again. Doesn’t really bother me yet. I just smile and wave and hope for the best… Anyways anyone have a good trach joke… If you do, pass it on…please… It is hard enough living with it, I would much rather be laughing than crying… If you know what I mean… Anyways thank you for listening or better yet, thanks for reading… Take care…Sharon

Sharon, I was just about to send you a message to see how the trach went. I’m very glad to hear that this one is better than last time! That is wonderful news (well as wonderful as can be considering.)
I don’t know any jokes. Check with Kathy though, she has had a trach for years and I imagine she knows all the good stuff!
When is your next trip to see Yakes? I go back Jan 7th and am not looking forward to flying in with the bad weather! Specially after that plane just crashed! Yikes!!!

Hello Sharon. I read your post and it made me smile. You said “smile and wave” and I replayed a part of my life with my younger sister, who had trachs OFTEN as a child…The things she/we did!!! I called her for some jokes because I can not remember any. But I WILL find some and pass them on ASAP…Be good to you. Take care of you. I know it is difficult and I so very much admire your determination and forward motion! I hope the holidays are the best they can be AND BETTER!!!
Happy New Year…and blow some bubbles for me-or is that something only children do?? Let me know and I will find jokes…

holy cow. You seem to have a great perspective on this. To me it sounds SO NOT FAIR and makes me mad that someone has to suffer so because of an AVM! I cannot imagine how this must feel. I hope it doesn’t hurt too much. Thinking of you.