Another seizure

I have only missed 2 doses of my medicine since diagnosed in 2012. That first time was in 2012. The second time was this past Wednesday night. I had felt so bad at work. I had felt that same way the day I had one back in July of last year. I had felt bad that morning but was like if I got ready I would feel better. Went to work and went back home after I told my manager how I was feeling. Went home and slept all day. Well that next morning, I woke up at 5 am and suddenly realized I had forgotten to take my medicine the night before. I had been so worried about that day that I forgot to take my medicine. I take 4000 mg of Keppa and 400 mg of Lamictal in divided doses. If I only missed that one dose could that have caused me to have another seizure yesterday at work. A grand mal. I just got my drivers licensee back. I was taken to the ER and checked out, CT, no bleed. Should I let my doctors know at the MAYO in Jacksonville? I will be seeing my local neurologist here tomorrow.

I’m sorry to hear about the grand mal, Melissa, but glad the CT didn’t show anything. Did you miss one or two doses? I’m sure the docs at the Mayo will want to know. Please share what they say about missing a dose. A lot of members will want to know, myself included. I wish you the best, Melissa!

Only that one dose. Just seems like when I have to try and explain something to someone that it's like my brain gets confused. And when I try to get things together I get lost with what I was trying to say. I really don't know what to do. I am so scared that they may have to replace me. The ones that have happened on the blood mobile have been very graphic and disturbing to the donors that are on the bus at the time. I can just see them saying they have to let me go .I would not blame them. There are so few of us. Everyone depends on everyone being able to do their jobs.

Melissa, I'm not sure if missing one dose is the reason, but please ask your doctor.

Two years after my hemorrhage, I tried to cut back on my Keppra dose and I had a grand mal. What I learned is that I will always take my med on time twice a day.

You are on a higher dose of Keppra than I please take your med on time in the AM and again at night like I do. I take mine at 7 AM and then again at 7 PM.

Hang in there!

I asked my local neurologist yesterday about the missed dose. He is going to get a level on me in a week and then we will see if I need any additional medication. I just don't see how I can miss one dose of medicine and 2 1/2 days later have a seizure that severe when I felt super. If it had happened Wednesday then that would have been understandable, but I guess all the times that I have had my seizures big or small, have been super happy that day and at work. Guess I just have to think to much, or when I have to explain something to someone. All I was doing that day was telling him not to smoke for 30 minutes to and hour. Thats when it happened. I knew I was fixing to have one because I couldn't get my thoughts out, I couldn't move, my co-workers where in the back of the bus with the doors shut. The donors wife was to my back so she couldn't see my face, he's looking at me like ,"And go on, I'm listening". This went on for what felt like for ever. I knew I was fixing to fall and I heard his wife say let me go get them next thing I know I'm in a donor chair stuttering, DDDDDDDDDDDD over and over, trying to breathe but not getting air in,me sputtering trying to breathe, hearing them calling 911, then me starting to turn to the right and that's it until I woke in the ER. God it was terrifying! I would just get rather get slammed by one than to feel like that. That is the second time of have kinda been aware of what was going on around me.

Tim, my neuro guys at the Mayo said they thought maybe it was the missed dose of medicine. If that be so I want to kick myself so bad cause I done it to myself. I feel like an idiot!!!!!

Don't feel like an idiot....I had to learn to take my seizure med on time every day. It was just an accident, so don't feel guilty.

I just hate that I just got some independence back and now it will be gone for another 6 months before I can drive again. Just a bummer ya know what I mean? And it is all my fault.

I know it must be so hard for you, Melissa...but it was just a mistake and it gives you a reason to never have it happen again. Hang in there!

Had another small seizure today. Didn't loose consciousness. Knew what was happening. Knew it was about to happen. Was in a monthly meeting at work. Felt weird then my heart started to speed up. Then I started to jerk. Didn't last too long. I think my heart rate went up to about 140. My BP went up to 158/101. Not too bad but glad it didn't last any longer than it did.

Hi Melissa, I am traveling to Mayo tomorrow for AVM treatment. Maybe we'll run into one another. I'll be there all week.

Hello Melissa
So sorry you are having seizures. One thing that really helped me other than the medication was adding coconut oil to my daily diet. I started with 1 tsp in my tea or coffee and built up to to 3 tsp a day you can also get it in pill form. Its a medium fatty chain and is really good for our brains. It has many benefits. I also found sticking to a ketogenic diet helps a great deal.
I hope you dont get any more seizures!

I don't go back until September. Wish I could meet you though.