Another seizure

I had another seizure yesterday. When will this end? I have had 4 grand mals since October 2012. Plus little ones where I just couldn't talk or move my right side. What will happen to me? If I didn't have my husband and daddy to take me back and to to work I would loose my job. I am scared that my employer will start to think I am a liability. I take blood from blood donors. What if they start to think I will hurt one one day? I need my job. I would never be able to function in another area. Has anyone else encountered a problem like this? If so how did it end up? I haven't had a bleed yet. Only embolization 2 times and 2 radiation treatments. Now I will have to wait until August of 2015 to have another angiogram. I don't even know if the main problem is gone. What if they get rid of me? And of course it happened at work AGAIN... I am surprised I ain't hurt myself yet.

So sorry about your seizures! Is it possible to take out a disability policy at this point? You may have 6 months to wait for pre-existing conditions, but it’s something you (and anyone who’s income is necessary) should look into. Everyone thinks it’ll happen to someone else until it happens to you. If your employer doesn’t offer one, look at private policies. You may still want to look at a private policy depending upon what your employer offers. It offers tremendous peace of mind when the worst happens. Best of luck!

Tim has a good point. If your employer doesn't have a short term disability, then you may want to look into getting one from a local Insurance co.

Now, Lets talk about this. If something were to happen that you would lose your job over this. ... At least you would be able to collect unemployment. IF that were to happen, I would suggest you then talk to an attorney about applying for disability.

You didn't mention if you are taking any seizure meds or if you are seeing a seizure specialist. I strongly suggest you get yourself to the drs and see a specialist. If you already have one - then I believe your meds need changed.


I also want to share with you. I had a seizure at work once too. I worked in a factory and I ran a 1/4 million dollar machine. All of the sudden, a seizure came on and I could not move. I was doing my best to fight it off and I lost. The next thing I new, I was laying on the floor and there were a bunch of people around me. Some of them were our own first response team that we had at work and the others were the ambulance crew. I'm guessing I was out for about 10 to 15 minutes since it takes some time for the ambulance crew to arrive.

As I came to and being incoherent yet. I remembered I looked around trying to get my bearings and I saw a LOT of my coworkers (and friends) with very concerned expressions on their faces. I knew then, that I was in some major medical trouble. It took about 10 minutes(?) for me to get my faculties back. Then I got the rest of the week off and, a red and white taxi (ambulance) ride to the hospital. The dr changed my meds and I was back to work a short time later. :)


I do have short term disability through work. I have been on seizure medications since my first one October 9,2012. I have had 2 embolizations and 2 radiation treatments. After my second radiation treatment a week later I had a bad one at work. Then off and on little ones where I wasn't able to speak or move my right side. Then the bad one at work sitting at the front desk. No one was up there with me. My coworker came up after about 15-20 minutes to find me in the floor. Then May 9th I had that one on the bus. They said I had 3 in a row. Said they lasted about 45 seconds a piece. The last thing I remember is someone saying she is having a seizure. Next thing I know I still think I on the bus but I am in an ambulance. Took me awhile to come out of the after effects of that one. I am scared that I may injure some one. They may see me as a liability. If a donor gets hurt or I leave one step off it could cost someone their life.