Another hospital visit

hello all this is connie’s husband she had to go to the hospital 4/5/08 because of severe pain. she thought it was a bleed but thank God it was’t anyway they are keeping her there till they can get the pain under control. they did a cat scan and a spinal tap and everything was negative i think we are going to have to make a major decision on her cause of quality of life issues. she should be banging away on the keys in a couple of days. she will fill you in on everything she just wanted me to let you know what was going on .I hope I did this right typing is not my specialty and either is grammar and spelling


mike connie’s husband who is pretty worried for his better half

Oh, Mike! I am so sorry to hear Connie is having such a hard time! You must be so worried! It is good news that she has not had a bleed, but my heart goes out to her (and the rest of your family), as the doctors have not seemed able to find any way of giving her relief. Despite all she has been through, she is always the first to welcome a new member here, or offer kind words and support to others in need. I hope Connie recovers soon, and that those doctors find some kind of way to help her to feel better and get back to living life to the fullest. My prayers are with you all, Connie and family!

Hi Mike
I am so sorry to hear Connie is in hospital. I pray they do something to take the pain away. No matter what Connie is always thee to make us all smile and make us feel welome.
I will pray foryou all tonight, take care of all the family

Dearest Connie and Mike:

OMGsh this is distressing news. Its hurts to know that such a wonderful woman like Connie has to be going through this. Please tell her that I will have her in cintual prayers so that she can better pretty quickly. I know of no one so joyful about life in spite of their health issues and circumstances. Connie remember we are praying for you. You are an incredible inspiration for so many of the people on this Board. Take heart in knowing that you must get back soon because your absence is sorely felt and your sense of humor is desperately needed. We love you girlfriend. Get back soon. May the Lords Angels take charge over you in helping you heal and may you feel the presence of Jesus with you keeping you safe. Love you loads, Nora

Oh no! Connie, I hope you feel better soon! I’ll be praying that your pain will be removed and that you’ll stay strong and keep your spirits up! We’ll all be waiting anxiously to hear of your progress!

Connie, We’re all here waiting for you to return. Your Hubby is great to keep us up-to-date. Keep smiling Connie, I know your smile makes me feel better.


Mike, I do hope she is doing better and better…
aloha, Felicia

Hey connie! Was just checking in on you, and saw that you were hospitalized! I am so sorry! I hope you are feeling better soon, and that they can get your pain manageable for good! Best wishes, and tons of hugs to you and your family!!! Keep your chin up!

Feel better connie and thanks so much Mike for letting us know! ~ Jo

Oh Connie,
I am sending all the angel light and love…I pray you are feeling better . I know this must be a scary time for all of you but please know you are loved and have support here. Please feel better …we are here for you.
God Bless dear friend…d

Hey Connie, My prayers and thoughts are with you and your family,
Take care, Theo :slight_smile:

oh, feel better and get out of the hospital soon, they are scary and no fun. write me when you get home and better.
:heart: kaleena

Dear Mike,
I am sure that you have a lot going on, and that you are not thinking much about this website, but if you get a moment, please update and let us know how Connie is doing if she is unable to do it herself. We are all concerned and praying for her recovery. I hope she is okay, and that they can do something for her so that she is not living with so much pain. She is an important part of this community, and has offered so much support to so many people here, despite having to deal with her own health issues. You really have an amazing wife! Please tell her she has a lot of friends here who miss her and who have her (and her family) in their prayers.

connie just came home and is doing much better . she thanks u all for your prayers and love I thank you too. she should be back on in a day or so. she tells me she is worried about jo . so jo r u ok . I have to go now cause my son is yellig at me for my gramma bye mike

Welcome home, Connie!

Welcome back, Connie! I look forward to seeing you back online soon! I hope your pain is gone! =)

LOL connie dont worry about me, worry about YOU! I’ll be fine! Much love and hugs!