Another health insurance question

I know literally nothing about health insurance in America.
We’re American citizens living abroad.
Our daughter will most likely be treated at barrows, but we don’t know where to start.
Is there any chance that she’ll be covered by chip or similar insurance? Where do we even start?
We’re going to Arizona, but our mailing address is in another state. Is there coverage from state to state?
Who do I need to talk to?
Our local insurance will not cover her internationally.
Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

@Michael_P lives abroad (or used to). Michael: anything you can help with here?

I’m not sure if it a something that may work for you, ar at least give some information to start with. Mayo Clinic, I was looking at Rochester MN, has a department to contact to discuss insurance, cost etc. I was looking at it as a possibility from Canada although ended up with great service here, I would guess they may be able to help. I would think all the info is fairly trasferable, and Barrows may have similar. Take Care, John.

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I just had a similar story myself. American citizen living abroad and recently had craniotomy @ Cleveland Clinic Ohio. I do have medical insurance, and what I did and suspect you can do your selves is call and ask for the International Office. Most big Hospitals in the States have them. Here in Cleveland Clinic it is called GPS, Global Patient Services. They did all of the paperwork with me and got me my appointments.

If there is no Insurance they will ask for consent on your behalf to pay and will give budget in advance. You can also apply for financial help or a pay system. I suspect Barrow will have all that too.




For Hospitality, you can search for the Ronald McDonald House (literally) and they will help and house you. There is one here @ Cleveland Clinic Ohio and Barrow should have the same.

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Hello, I lived in the United Arab Emirates, working at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi and had Gamma Knife surgery also at Cleveland Clinic. I too used the GPS service at CC. They wanted cash upon arrival. They quoted me $130K but it ended up being around $45K. For international, they want their money up front.

Not having insurance will be a different story. If you they the CHIP route, that is usually tied to Medicaid, which are state administered programs. You should work with the state where you have residency from a tax perspective, not Arizona.

Your other option is to call Barrows and speak with someone in patient accounting (not the Accounting dept).

Borrows Neurological Foundation is a 501(c)(3) corporation which means they are a non for profit and part of their mission is to provide care to those who cannot afford it. The patient accounting team will help you assess what you may be able to pay.

Hope this direction helps. If not ask clarifying questions.


Thank you so much that’s very helpful

I can’t help with insurance questions but glad you are going to Barrows they are the best. My AVM was on my spinal cord. I don’t know if your daughters is in the brain or spine but either way that is the place to go.
I suggest you call Barrows and talk to their insurance department. People come from all over the world to get treated at Barrows. My guess is they have dealt with your issues and can steer you in the right direction. My sincere wishes for a successful surgery and a solution to the insurance. This is a scary journey for everyone involved

Unfortunately this is not our first time there.
Last time was 14 years ago. This time the insurance is presenting as more complicated.