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Another disability question (denied first time)


In 2011/2012 I was seeing a psychiatrist who had told me I was beyond qualified for SSDI. I applied on my own and was denied , with the reasons being that "my condition had significantly improved" ummm no, it hasn't. (AVM bled 4 years ago)).

I'm still left with partial blindness in both eyes, I've been diagnosed with depression (unknown sort), Postpartum depression (after having first baby), and may be diagnosed with postpartum again since I just had my second baby. I'll be under the care of a psychiatrist therapist again for my mental health due to the stroke that my AVM caused. My AVM also bled, which I think is the reason I've had some behavioral/emotional issues that linger (and have caused some serious legal consequences in my life recently). Did I not word things right or do things right the first time around? I'm guessing it was dumb to apply on my own, but now I'm feeling like I'm out of luck. I'm doing everything I can now to keep my mental health and my physical health in check. Should I involve all the docs I'm seeing too?

Sorry if this seems all scatterbrained, I just started new meds and learned I was diagnosed as having an epilepsy condition as well. Meds seem to make my thoughts scattered at times >_<

Thanks for your help!


Go ahead and get a lawyer. My mama had leukemia and she was denied the first two times. When she got a lawyer all the judge did was look at her and say "OK".... She got back payment for social security and the lawyer only got money if she did.


Get a lawyer!!!, I did 17 month ago today after being denied. Went to court last Monday and was told today I was approved. Also some lawyers wont even start your case till you have been denied. Good luck!!


Yes, definitely hire a lawyer! I was denied twice and was awaiting a date before a judge when I was finally approved. Lawyers that specialize in SSDI claims do not get paid unless you are awarded benefits and then there is a cap to how much they can receive. Lawyers do all the legwork, handle all the paperwork, etc. There's no reason not to at least consult with a lawyer, Good luck!


Toni, I agree...get a lawyer. Please keep us informed on your progress when applying again for SSDI.

Stay Strong and Positive!


You may want to look at the comments from the members re SSDI which may provide you with some support: http://www.avmsurvivors.org/forum/topic/search?q=Social+Security+Disability


Lawyer up my friend. Good Luck!


Sorry u are having a tough time…what meds are u taking?