Another day, Another embolization

Just got back from my ninth treatment… Woke up and looked in the mirror and the right side of my face was so bad… Absolutely hate embolizations!!! No words to describe the pain!!! I am going to get my picture on my website so people can actually see who I am… Cant wait for that… Simplicity is the key to life, my life… All who experiences these treatments, my thoughts are always with you guys out there in cyberspace… Thank God I am not the only one… Take care to all… Sharon

I’m sorry you have to keep going through these treatments. It has only been through this site that I’ve heard of facial AVM’s. Why are they more difficult to obilterate? Is it harder to get all the feeders? I will be in Phoenix in March, Andrew will be at St. Joseph Hospital. Hope you feel better soon.

No, you are not alone. And it is not fair that you have to deal with this huge complicated condition. No one knows how it feels to be you but we can all send our support and concern. My heart breaks for you. A picture would be great. For some reason it is easier to “know” a person when you can visualize them. But it has to be the right thing for you too. Take care Sharon. We are thinking of you. Let us know how you are doing as the days go by.