Hope everyone is doing well !
Yesterday hit my 5 year anniversary. I usually get excited and happy but for some reason, I was extremely sad and cried a lot and i do not know why.

Anyone else feel that way? How do you guys celebrate anniversaries?


For me it’s a day that brings emotional conflict I’m happy that I’m still alive and as functional as I am but it’s also the anniversary of the day that my life changed forever and I miss the old me.


My anniversary of my bleed doesn’t really bring back good memories. I was 10 at the time. It just makes me think for a 10 year old kid this was a bad summer. My story Started in 2000 and went till 2002.


hi mike! i miss the old me too. how do you keep yourself from dwelling?


10?! geez, thats terrifying! im glad that you are ok though. how do you cope and how did you overcome?


@monica3; the first year I dwelled a lot and had my share of pity parties, it just took me awhile to realize that I didn’t do this to myself and the damage that was done isn’t going to get fixed and so it’s just learning to deal with it and making the most of what I have.
I still have my down days, I just try to look at the positives around me and make the most of them but I do miss my old self… a lot.
The hardest part is the fact that I know what I was capable of doing before and I just can’t do it anymore… I miss being able to drive, riding my motorcycle and yes even going to work; the loss of Independence has always been my hardest hurdle to overcome but at the end of the day I have to deal with it…


You bet. Mine was 2 days after my birthday so it’s crowded out the typical feelings about a birthday. I don’t compare myself to my previous person; not fair doing this comparison. By contrast I do remember how I nearly died and was in a dark hole afterwards and I’m no longer there. So I feel luck and grateful. I also decided that I was changing and would chose how to change and what to change into rather than become something I didn’t want to be.
Happy day and days. Treat yourself to nice things all the time.



Well had a lot of every therapy physical, occupational, and speech. What was damaged was the right side of my body. I was paralyzed for a month on that side but slowly came back. I still have some problems with my right foot but not that bad. As for my speech It’s not bad it’s just sometimes finding the right word to say. If you want to no a funny ones I’ll tell you some to make a laugh.


Hi Mike,

I can totally relate. Especially the little things like driving ang going to work… I dwell about how much I took for granted but im really trying to embrace the new me and just rebuild. Its so much easier said than done though.


Hi Jo,

I love how optimistic you are! Our circumstances definitely could have been far worse so I like the idea of celebrating. Even if its just the little things.


Hi John! im glad you overcame the physical parts. What are some funny stories you have?


Can’t change how you feel but how and what you think is completely our decision.

Take care


One of the funniest moments to me is when I went to my speech therapist in the morning. It was mostly for me to reorganize lost words. My therapist would pull out a drawing of an animal such as a bird, dog, or a fish the first couple days to see if I knew them and I did. Then she tried some harder ones like zebra, elephant, hippopotamus. Those were a little more tricky for me and I had some struggles. But the funniest moment was when she showed me a lizard and I knew what it was but it just couldn’t come out of my brain. So I told her to give me a second and she did. Then It finally kicked in. I said I got it. But instead of saying lizard I said amphibian. The therapist laughed and said I’ll give you bonus points on that. I still have plenty of funny stories if you want a laugh.


I always have cake on my day! My mom is more emotional than I am about it, but I look at it as just one of many things that have happened to me, some good and some bad.