I had a right frontal AVM. Embolised and then zapped with Gamma knife. All is well but I'm almost grumpy or angry all the time (usually at the people I care most about).

Does this affect anyone else?

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Hi Alex, I had my AVM removed February of this year and I am angry and grumpy also. My therapist told me that this is very common and at sometime it should get better

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My AVM is active and I find myself grumpier than I used to be and downright furious when I'm brain-tired (flooding)

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Life is tough sometimes and the people we love the most are perhaps safe targets for our frustration. I had an occipital lobe AVM removed in Feb and I have had vile mood swings (due to the painkillers and anti-seizure meds in part perhaps) and the only people I see regularly are my loved ones. They catch the brunt of my moods as they're the only people I see. I have found gentle exercise helps, cycling for me has helped a lot. Have you spoken to anyone about counselling?

I’m dealing with anger issues too. It’s very important that we communicate this to our families and Doctors. For our own safety.

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Thanks everyone,

My wife and I lead very hectic lives, we both appear to be busy 24/7. I exercise quite a lot and have a very active job. I just flare up over little niggly things. It's driving me bonkers! I'll look into speaking to someone. I think I have a contact for the hospital I was treated at.

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Well I’m at home all day. Disabled but I would describe my case similar. Most cases are when I feel slighted or disrespected. I’m taking an antidepressant and have tried a few. I also have a problem with motivation or sleeping a lot. It seems that they are on a scale and the better I do at one, the worse at the other. I hope that this is just another hurdle for you and I. Best wishes my friend.

Hi Alex I used to feel the same and it taken a long time for me to force myself to change in a way, after the surgery yes 100% I was angry at everything and anything, But this made living with me very hard for my wife and kids (still young) Every day I have struggled with keeping things calm and after a long time and relaxation breathing I am much better now than ever. I knew I had to change but explained to my wife that I was angry and all the time at nothing mostly and she has supported me and been very patient also at times. I guess my post here is just to say that if you want to change then you can, Sure it will take time and will tire you out sometimes but anything is possible, After all your a survivor !. My AVM was in my right temporal lobe but to the front also so I think I can relate to what you are feeling. I have headaches most days and this just added to the problem, but a change for me was when I started taking the migraine preventatives, Prescribed via a headache clinic (UK Based as am I). Take care and hope you start to feel like your old self again soon.


Hi Alex,

I have not had treatments as you have but do deal with feelings of angry and insecurity (personality change). This is mostly directed at someone I care most for. It has been getting better with time. I do wish those around me better understood what I am going through though. On my initial thread here someone posted that an AVM is a silent illness and because others cannot see it they won't see it as something a person struggles with. I could not agree more. Good luck.

Kathie, Thanks for this comment and I'm also glad to see its not just me !, but we all take the positive from the problem and here with both of us things have gotten better with time, Sure its a long road ... but you can start to see the light at the end of it :) , Take care and thanks again.

I had a stroke from an embolisation of my AVM. I am angry and frustrated alot of the time and throw things alot. You have been through alot and even though you say “all is well” now it doesn’t change what you have been through. I think my frustrations stem from anxiety and not been in control. Even though I do not no ur story I expect that it includes stress. I am in the middle of my journey and u seem to be at the end but it’s not something we just forget about. Dnt be so hard on yourself.

FRONTAL LOBE "head injuries" (football, MVAs) affect the filter that normally would contain our rage. Borderline personality disordered patients exhibits rage outbursts; their fMRI shows difficulty processing emotion in frontal lobe.

If this is affecting those around you, don't wait for the behavior to subside. People tend to be less agitated as they age. But I'd suggest seeing a neurologist now.

Wherever you are in the rage/agitation/angry spectrum, you are being honest. There is help available.

I had gamma knife, my avm is located in my occipital temporal lobe. I have a cavernous hemangioma in my c3-4. My surgery was 3 1/2 years ago. My anger is like a light switch. It doesn’t take much to set me off these days. My husband is a saint for dealing with it.

Hi Alex, This post looks almost the same as my post a few years ago ! :) , I had an AVM in the right Temporal lobe and a bleed that affected the right frontal, 2 craniotomies later and I was AVM free, Yes 100% I was angry all the time, Not sure if it was the emotional weight of dealing with my illness or headaches which I still have but they are much better now. What I can say that I think will give you hope is that things get better, Maybe its the medication for my headaches but I'm much more relaxed now and not angry most of the time, Sure there are moments (Pure frustration !) but for the most part I am not angry any longer and happy :) , I now understand my triggers for some tension and anger and if possible avoid them if not I've learned to deal with it. I hope that my reply will give you hope also in the fact that over time things get better :) , Take care


Just to follow up on my last reply I think this is my original post about being angry, Even though it seems I was still thinking I was just a little unhappy I know now I was angry and eventually explained this to my wife,

Also I did a search for Angry and here are the results :