Hi guys, I tried a search but maybe didn't hit enough key words. ..... but is there a maximum number of Angio's that can be done ?, I mean each one will be causing scar tissue on the artery right ? so is there a point when the docs are like .. you've had too many ?, We need to go in another way ? Thanks all. I'm only wondering as my "entry" point from my last one is kind of still a little sensitive/sore after 6 weeks lol .... I mean it cant be good to do this each time they need a scan and the same area each time ?. Thanks.

I believe there are several routes and can use other side but that said Angiograms arent without risks in themselves so dont think would be done very regular unless there was a real need to do so. I assume you may have another year from now if clear i would say thats it they wont just keep doing them.

Hi Martin, You should ask your neurosurgeon this excellent question and convey your soreness. I experienced a broken catheter at the completion of one of my angiograms. So, a vascular surgeon was requested and he had to cut me open to remove the catheter piece. For the next angiogram, the surgeon used my femoral artery in the other leg and everything was fine. Best wishes to you.

ah .. perfect answer and yes I will ask ... soreness is not really sore in the grand scheme of things :) .. just a little sensitive :( . But not too bad. I just had a thought that since my AVM was on the right side of my head that the right femoral artery was the one that they would go in each time and .. how much more can that little thing take ! lol :) . Thanks also Daven.

Martin, right or left makes no difference, since both femoral arteries meet at the aorta, through which the catheter makes its way to our brain.

Thanks Greg, I thought they would meet but had no idea, I done Physics/Chemistry at school and never looked at Biology so don't know much about the vascular system. But thanks again :) this makes me feel better :)

I have had about twelve - ten of them for cardiac reasons and not neuro. One time did not go well and I had a huge bruise and soreness for months. It went away with time.

Hi Nicholas, Yes I've had ones which were not good where I made a meal of the local jag, and so the Doctor stopped thinking that was enough but I felt the first cut and told him so I got more local after that :) , I learned from that experience to just bite down and let them jag me as many times as its needed to let the area go numb :) . I also have had the bruised area and soreness for a while also :( . But in the gran scheme of things its a small price to pay for a good and accurate picture of what's going on in my head :) . Thanks for your comments. Take care.

Hi Martin,

I'm wondering the same thing myself. Every angio and embo I've had has had to be done through the right femoral artery - for some reason they've never been able to get the catheter to go through the left side. I've got so much scar tissue on the right side now that I have discomfort there almost all the time. I'm dreading my next angio and want to inquire in advance whether the scar tissue can present any problems, and whether or not they can continue to use the right side indefinitely. I'll try to remember to post about the answer to that when I get to ask.

Hi Tori, I think its been answered by another member above .. but best to get confirmation from a doctor also :) , Thanks .

Thanks Martin. I did see the comment about there being alternative routes, but I think I'm a little nervous about what they are! But I'm a face it head-on kind of person so that is at the top of my 'questions' list for the next time I talk to one of my professionals.


I would definately speak to your neurosurgeon about that BUT i can say ive had 2 and still til this day 4 years later i do get the odd discomfort in that area...God bless...

Thanks Adrian, I've had a few (more than 4) after a bleed and 2 craniotomies ..., I was just curious this is the kind of thing that I wonder about now that I'm AVM free .. but still need to get the Angio check up :( . Thanks again for your advice.

We had an appointment today with the Radiology Interventionist today and when he asked me if there were any more questions, I remembered yours. He said that the artery completely recovers within 6 months. So even though he does choose to switch from left to right between angiograms, he doesn't really have to.
Hope that helps.

Perfect :) .... all of mine have been on the right side and I had a few done all at the same time after my initial bleed but then a break of 6 months to recover and 1 more after my AVM removal so I guess the year now will be fine :) . Thanks again.

Danijo, how kind and thoughtful of you to ask the IR. I hope you and your husband are doing well.

Thanks Danijo for remembering Martin's question while you were there. The answer is good news and encouraging.

Have had around 12 over a twenty+ year period. Mine have always been on the right side. Angiograms are needed when precise diagnostic studies are beneficial to decide course of treatment. Consulting with your doctor is always best.