I having my first angiogram sometime within the next two weeks. Has anyone had an bad experiece? Does it hurt?

Hi Nayleen,

I'm sure there are some who have had a 'bad experience' when having an angio. Sometimes a person can have an angio under general anesthesia, but frequently the docs need the patient to be 'awake'. When a patient needs to be awake the doctors will almost 'always' at least give the patient a nice cocktail of drugs that relax and sedate enough to make it so that you kind of don't care much about what's going on and not feel much, if any, pain. I think that usually if there is any pain it's very minimal and doesn't usually last long.

Sometimes it can be a bit uncomfortable in the groin area where they thread the catheter into the femoral artery, but again, they will almost always give the patient something to ease anxiety and discomfort. Only once or twice have I heard about someone undergoing an angio without being given anything.

I think the most common complaint about angios, definitely one of the most difficult things about them, can be the having to lie flat and still for a few hours afterwards. That can be kind of hard to do, but it's not really so bad when you think about it.

I really dreaded having my first angio - I was really nervous, and it was the only one I've had to be awake for so far. But it turned out to not be anywhere near as bad as what I had imagined it would be and I was pretty surprised, and very happy about that. The discomfort and pain was minimal and they gave me as much pain med and stuff to relax me as I needed. I think I even fell asleep at one point.

Wishing you the best with your first angiogram.

I have had 1 angio 2 embolizations and 2 gamma knives. So they have entered my right groin area 5 times. All of which have been good. The last one they did I had to ask the Dr to numb me more b/c I could feel him cutting and going in. But that was b/c I had a lot of scar tissue for the 4 previous entiers. That hurt but not more then a paper cut. Afterwards your leg is sore for a couple days and you just have to make sure it heels good and no lumps form. Best of luck, I was so nervous my 1 st time it will be ok!!! ~Andrea~

Oh and I was awake for all of them…

Andrea and Tori explained it very well. I’ve had either 4 or 5 angios done now and I don’t mind them at all. I’m with Tori, the laying around afterwards is the worst part. Hopefully, you can find something good on TV to watch. Good Luck!! :slight_smile:

I’m going on my 10th angeo this year.They are really not that bad & the laying around is really the hardest part.You will be sore for a few days but each day you feel a little bit better then the who has had the same issue as I did so itbis most likely rare.Good Luck with your angeogram,your going to do great;) keep us

Thanks everyone. Hearing everyones experience makes me feel confident about the whole thing.

Honestly, I'm still shocked about having an avm. I feel like a ticking bomb. Am I crazy? Its only been a week since I found out and I feel like my life is going in a totally different direction. The choices I need to make..wondering if im doing the right thing. Wondering if I should just leave it alone. I figured I get the angiogram done and take if from there.

I had like 8 angiograms done since 2009…I didn’t hurt that bad only the laying down is the one that is kind Uncomfortable and slight pain to the area like one day or two days but nothing out the world… after. While you get used to it…Just relax and have faith that everything will come out okay…WIsh you the best and good luck my friend…god bless you…

Hi Nayleen, please don't worry too much. I have 7 angios and NO adverse expections.

as said with others, the having to lie down afterwards is the worst. I found them quite fascinating as I could watch the whole thing with NO pain. My thoughts and prayers are with you...look forward to hearing your experience, Lesley.