Hello everyone, sorry for the lack of updates.

I had my angiogram this morning— the procedure itself went really well— MAN am i SORE though. lol.

oh well- my doc says 24 hour bedrest and all that jazz so here i sit. :slight_smile:

Follow up scheduled for tuesday, when i hope to be able to post the surgery date. :slight_smile:

i just wanted to say thanks to everyone that has been so supportive this far… All the information and support had been truly helpful and I couldn’t have made it this far :slight_smile:

so-- THANK YOU everyone. I’m off to get some rest (didn’t sleep so well the last few nights-- thing i’m going on about 32 hours now. :slight_smile: )

It is good to read that the procedure went well .
Tuesday should be informative and don’t forget to ask all of those questions you have not yet asked and get the best answers for your best result(s) .
Get some rest and take care of you and be good to you .
Positive thoughts and loving prayers for you .

Hi Angelique,

Hope you are able to get some rest over the weekend. Glad our site has been helpful to you. Will be thinking about you on Tuesday.

Take care,


great to hear all went well and thats the most invasive testing overand done with…best of luck with the rest of the planning …keep us posted…still sending lots of positive energies your way …rest up for now you should be feeling back to your normal self in a couple of days…take care xoxox

take care and dont try doing and gymnastics lol. When I was having my Gamma knife treatment on Friday, they also gave me my second angiogram, so I know how sore you are. Put your feet up and catch up on your favorite tv programs.

Thanks everybody- I’m up and moving around now- taking it easy and when it starts to hurt too bad, its back to sit on the bed or couch and just chill-ax :slight_smile: so far its going good- Who knew so many things were connected to the groin though-lol.

I will definitely keep you all posted- thanks again so much- I’ve heard more wonderful comments from you guys in the last few days then i have from some of my own family-- you are all so terrific. :slight_smile: