UPMC Presby just called with my appointment for my Angiogram. September 16th at 10am. Today I had a headache all day with short dizzy spells. This sucks.

arrrrghh. the waiting is crazy especially when you’re not feeling well. Sorry to hear you had a bad day. At least you have a date so you get ready for it.

Just been reading about the Angio, what are they like to go through and do you have to do anything special before hand, I am guessing the doctors office will give me details of what I need to do nearer the date.

I say make sure you use the washroom RIGHT before your angio!!! Because you have to lie flat for that time…using the bedpan or whatever lying flat = not fun! take that MP3 of Metallica (shudder) You’ll have to kind of recline a bit in the car coming home and continue to lie quietly when you get home and I think only minimal stair climbing allowed?