Okay, so I have to go to the University of Virginia to have an Angiogram.
Has anyone else had this done?

Hi. Yes. I've understood that angiograms seem to be pretty common things with AVMs.
If you put angiogram or just angio to the search box in the upper-right hand corner, you can find much more about it.
But to also talk about it here - I understand that angiograms are pretty common and they do those quite often. I had mine done about a month ago. (Not in Virginia) Before the angio I was very afraid. But nothing happened and all went very well and it turned out to be just fear.
What is important is that after the angiogram you keep still for some time. Here I had to lie down for 20 hours after the angio. I understand that in the US the time is shorter.
Take your mp3 player with you and you'll be fine.

The angio procedure itself was quite ok. I lay there, they numbed the area with a shot. That I felt. But it was not that bad. And after that I didn't feel a thing. Just stared at the ceiling the whole time. Mine was over with about 30-40 minutes. When they used the contrast dye, then that I felt. It felt warm in the very specific area, which they were looking at at the moment. But it didn't hurt.

Do you have any specific questions?
I believe that knowledge of what will happen, does make it easier :)

Mia, you wrote a good summary of this test. I agree the hardest part is laying still for so long. It was easier than going to the dentist to get a cavity fixed.