Hi folks,

I'm about to go for an angiogram for my brain AVM.
I was wondering if people really know what it is, I'm not finding a good explanation online about what you have to go through.

Also, I wonder if folks have any tips for me to ask the doctor or in going through the procedure...?

Thanks in advance!
And, well wishes to you all!

Hi gaahla. This link explains a lot…
I had 3 of them done. For me the hardest part was being on my back for 6 hours after the procedure and not being able to move around much. I hate to be on my back and I like to be moving! From everything I have read on here …it still is the best way to see an AVM. Good luck and keep us postd!

I have had three of them myself and wrote up a detailed description of the process a while back...

Angiogram Info

Thanks so much Barbara! This is very helpful!

Hi Jake!
This is so great. That one comment which details exactly what you go through is super helpful. Thanks again!
Hope all is well,

Hello Gaahla! I went for my 3rd AngioGram yesterday and this is considered the "Gold Standard" for monitoring an AVM. Looks like you've received some good information and explanations for what this procedure entails and please feel free to email me if you have any additioanl specific questions that I may be able to help with.

When is your Angiogram scheduled for? And please know that there will be many of us praying for you on that day!

Peace be yours!

Thanks Michele!

Angio date is Monday, though they called and asked if I could do it tomorrow, which sounds terrible and I don't want to--why are they rushing everything???

And, I feel like I need these few days to do work and such in case I get backed up for a couple of days post; I know it often takes a couple of days to recover. I'm super and totally starting to dread it.

From the posts on here (thank you everyone who shared their experiences) and what I've read and what the doctors say, it sounds like it will be a drag and maybe also hurt, but the doc is saying it's no big deal. We'll see. They lie about that kind of thing all the time.

Also need an MEG. More unpleasantries. Ugh.

I've had two of them, there is not a lot to them really. They just go through a vien in your groin to get to your brain. You don;t really feel anything, my doctor gave me a mild sedative for it.

ok, thanks James. maybe it's not going to be so bad. my friend had one and she passed out and had to stay for an extra 6 hours at the hospital.

i think i'm worried because i already have a lot of issues with headaches and forgetting things so i don't like the idea of tubes dumping dye in my brain--like don't i have enough going on up there???!!!

but, it's great to hear that you had 2 and they weren't a big deal. thanks for getting in touch!

I had one angiogram to diagnose my AV fistula and one follow-up angiogram 9 months later to ensure it was really gone. I wasnt going to have the follow-up angiogram. It wasnt until i read on this web-site that if an AVM isnt totally gone, it can grow back. I figured it wasn’t worth the risks to not know. I was terrified about the procedure but it really wasn’t bad (I’m a baby). I They give you a mild sedative so your half asleep but wake up when they yell orders at you. They were able to seal mine with a device so that I only had to lay flat for 2-3 hrs.
I wish you a speedy recovery and I’ll pray for you if I know when you are having the procedure.

I had an angiogram; it was nothing to fear. I remember there might have been the use of some sort of dye; it was a long time ago and I remember it being a cakewalk. The only thing that could have happened between when I had mine and now is that they could have made it even less invasive.

ya, thanks Mattramzzz,

I sure hope so!

Thank you Wendy :)
I had no idea that they could grow back! wowa! that's so weird! well, I hope you had a good outcome with your procedure. Yes, I guess I would fall into the baby category on this because I tend to be very sensitive to these procedures--glad to hear it wasn't that bad.

My angio is Monday. Thanks for the well wishes--right back atcha!

Correction. There is controversy about whether AVMs can grow back. I should have said…I BELIEVE that if the AVM is not totally removed, it can grow back. Maybe its true, maybe it isn’t. I try to be careful with the words I use on this sight but I blew it. In any event it got me to have a follow-up angiogram, where I was deemed AV fistula-free! Yippee! I made a note to pray for you on Monday. Good luck. Tell us what you thought about the experience.

Hi. I had an angiogram in 1998. The procedure wasn’t bad at all. They looked at my spinal area and my brain. They neglected to tell me I may see bright flashing lights when they got near the brain. I thought I was seeing the light! I don’t know if anyone else has experienced anything like that, but it sure would have been nice to know beforehand! The hard part was lying still for so long and the headache I had afterwards. Maybe tell them you are prone to headaches… Wonder if there is something you could do to help prevent that possibility. Prayers are with you!!!

Hi gaahla,
Im new here..but Ive had 2 angiograms was just last week .. they are nothing to fret :) I will say a prayer for you. Look forward to getting to know you !

Wendy I'm so glad you are AVM free! hooray!
Thanks for the support.


Thanks for the tip. I will tell them! I hope they listen :/

Seeing light sounds kind of interesting, something to look forward to, weirdly ;)

Thanks for the support!

I had my first angiogram last March. The main surprise my doctor warned me about is that something like 50% of patients experience hot flashes during the procedure--I was part of the lucky 50%. As a young woman, I treated it as a preview of was pretty odd! Also, I was pretty scared throughout, and found it hard to stay as still as they wanted me too, since they pretty much told me not to move at all. Next time I go in for one I'll try to practice the calming breathing techniques I learned in yoga! Those were the strongest take aways from my experience, I hope it's easier for you.