Angiogram Video Diary

Quite a few years ago I made this video showing what an angiogram is like. I think I forgot to post it here. In case anyone is feeling a bit worried about it, I hope seeing this puts your mind at ease.


Hey there!

Watched it a bunch before my procedures started about 5 years ago. :grin:
It’s in my "Brain AVM playlist.
Thanks so much for creating it.
It was very helpful to me.

Have a great day.


Aww thank you so much for your reply. It is so nice to hear it was useful to you! x

Thank you for posting this again Samuel. I did not know exactly what was involved or the feelings I would get, and my Neurosurgeon has been trying to get me to do an angiogram. I have been on the fence and very tired of the medical probing. Your video was very enlighten and it looked good. But personally, I really not feeling this, too chicken.

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I’ve moved it to our “AVM 101” library of useful information :wink:

Dick’s playlist is also really helpful.

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This is great for those who have never been through it and may help ease some anxiety, thanks for sharing… God bless!

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It’s something when you start losing track on how many MRI’s, CT’s & Angio’s you’ve had

My last one was quite memorable. . . But, being honest - I don’t know if knowing would have helped. Stuff is frightening to me - even after getting, 3-4 so far.

But, the angiogram is a procedure “they” have down quite well now - which does eliminate some of the stress

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@Samuel it’s a good video. You play the young English chap to perfection! And it’s educational to watch.

For those who come along later to watch it, I’d say the “headache” for me is rather like a hangover, so uncomfortable, and a bit of a “thick head” is how I would describe it.

The only bit that was actually “painful” is when the doc presses down hard on the injury at the end to seal it. That’s definitely uncomfortable and definitely towards “pain” but it’s 10 minutes of your life well spent!

I do know one or two people here have found the catheter insertion to be quite unpleasant but for me that was nothing.

The other thing I like about Samuel’s video is that the nurses are busy chatting away to him through the prep time. I find having a chatty crew means I think less about what they’re doing and that keeps me nicely distracted, more relaxed.

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