Angiogram update

So I have to admit, the angiogram was kinda cool. I was sedated enough to "enjoy" the experience without being too anxious while also being awake enough to see all of the images. I wasn't so happy about the whispering by the doctors, although I knew it wasn't in their place to give me any results at the time. Sure enough, the angio showed a tightly wound nodulus in the left temporal lobe. Their only comment that it was in an "intricate" location near some very important blood vessels. I tried my best to get some more information out of them but to no luck.

The 4 hours I had to lay flat on my back might have been the worst part of all...10 pounds of sandbags on the exit site and lots of warnings about what NOT to do so my femoral artery wouldn't blow. You know...the usual.

I have had CT scans with contrast before with no issue. Unfortunately, I had an allergic reaction to the iodine dye and developed itchy, burning welts all over my scalp and face about 5 hours after the procedure. Benedryl all day cleared it up.

I just hope Dr. Barrow doesn't wait until the results of my fMRI on the 5th of May before he calls with information. We shall see ...

Thank you for posting this discussion and I love your first sentence! I'm glad the Benedryl cleared up your unfortunate reaction. I wish you good news when you hear the results!