Angiogram tomorrow

My headaches have been extra sensitive over the past month along with higher levels of depression. I am having my angiogram tomorrow after finding out about my avm 2 months ago. I’m beyond nervous and would love some advice/comments on what to expect.

Hi avmcheer,
The angiogram is no big deal!, there is no need to be nervous.
The procedure involves a small incision in your groin region. The puncture site will be anaesthetised so you will feel no pain. Images will be taken during your procedure and you will feel a warm sensation in your body when a dye is injected. The puncture site will be sealed with an angio seal which involves pressure being applied to the site for 10 seconds and you are done!
The whole procedure lasts about 15/20 minutes so chill.After the procedure you will have to lay flat on your back for about 3/4 hours to ensure there is no bleed from the puncture site. Some Doctors if requested will administer a mild seditive which will help.
Good luck tomorrow,you will be fine.

Hi AVMcheer,

Not sure if you read other recent threads about Depression. I found an article on CNN about depression this week (dealt with the suicide of the Top Gun producer). A few quotes from the article:

"............ Severe major depression is probably the most unbearable pain a human being can withstand for any protracted period of time. Many people who died of cancer have written eloquently about how the crushing pain from their tumors paled in comparison to the pain they felt when depressed.
"With all other pain, most people can maintain some sense of separation between themselves and the pain. As horrible as it is, the pain is in their arm, or leg, or belly or head. But there is still a "them" that is separate from the misery.
"Depression is different. Because it is at its essence a perceptual disorder, it causes one to see the entire world as pain. It feels painful inside, but it also feels painful outside."

Having suffered from depression big time, I can relate to the story. Getting good counseling and sometimes medication can be a very good thing in dealing with depression.

Hope this helps.
Ron, KS