Angiogram tomorrow

Well, tomorrow's the day. First Angiogram. See if they can find what exactly is going on in there. The initial MRI looked like a mess.

Need to tell the doc that if they're poking around and I say I want pizza, to go ahead and fry that brain cell...


I'm glad to hear that you still have a sense of humor thru all of this Jimmy! I wish you well tomorrow and hope that you get answers to the many questions you probably have.

I'll be sending prayers your way my friend.

- Michele

A pizza sounds like a wonderful treat!!! You deserve it!!!

Remember to breathe through it. Worse mistake I made was holding my breathe when they injected the dye. Best wishes.

Good luck tomorrow. I’ll say a prayer for you

Good luck tomorrow, my angio went pretty well! My leg was a little sore at the incision site, but after a few days I was completely back to normal! Take care!

This was my husband who just posted the above comment. :)Angiogram was today, and it went well. His leg is sore where they put in the catheter, and he is sound asleep as we speak. Is it normal that he was feeling dizzy after we got home?

Anyway--he definitely has AVM and not the DAVF. Dr. wants us to talk to a neurosurgeon next week--one of his colleages who is on the same team, to discuss options--surgery or treatments. I'm glad this step is over and now for the next. Will keep everyone posted!


Glad to hear it went well! Keep us posted on the progress! Onward! Don’t hesitate to call the doc if he starts feeling anything odd. I called my doc twice after my procedures just cuz a few weird things happened. They will describe to you exactly what to be concerned about. Always better safe than sorry :slight_smile:

I felt kindof off for a few days after my angiogram! Probaly normal

Well, the angiogram is history. Funny how when they inject the dye that the burining feeling wakes your mind from the fuzz, but you still can't feel your body. Was laying there thinking that the stuff wore off...

Anyhow like the wife said above, AVM for sure. I was still kind of out of it when the doc was in afterwards but he said mine was in a bad spot and would need the embolism as well as surgery or targeted radiation. So now I'm being referred to a neurosurgeon to figure out the next step. Have to wait for that appointment to get scheduled.

Felt horrible in the evening after, but was mostly ok by the next morning. Still a little achy at the entry point.

glad it all went well.

I had an ache in the femoral artery for a week or more, one of them i had it for 3 weeks, just keep an eye on it and make sure it feels normal (i.e no lump on entry site) as they like to check it for blood clots that can occur. Otherwise 99% of the time its smooth sailing...apart from when you have to lay there for 4 hours and need a wee! :)