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Angiogram recovery

I have scrolled a bit but being new, I’m not that skilled at it so I don’t know if you have covered this before.

I had an angiogram last monday, the one previous to that was just 2 1/2 earlier, and then one a couple months before that. All in the right groin area. This last one is taking a lot longer to recover. I don’t have any discoloration or bruising. The incision looks good, but I have a marble sized lump and still have some swelling around it a week out. The swelling isn’t that bad, which is why I just left a message for a nurse to call me back this morning but it is starting to worry me.

Has anyone else had any issues with the site of the angiogram entry and what are your experiences?

I feel better from this 3rd one in other ways, not as tired or headachy but this swelling is keeping me from getting back to it. I am mostly still resting and walking slowly.

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I’ve had three angios and always healed quickly. I’m wondering if this time a, “Angio- Seal” was used, this will produce a lump for a period of time like a marble but slightly smaller. This was utilized on my last two but not my first one. Take Care, John

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This time they did use a seal. I was grateful for not having to lay flat out in the hospital for half the day but I was wondering if that would cause a bit of a larger lump.

That’s probably the lump but if you have any concerns at all I would get it checked. My lump stayed for a couple months I think, on both occasions it was used. They sure do get us moving much faster!

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I didn’t have a seal (so far as I know) but I got a lump on one of my angiograms. Quite hard and pulsed with my heartbeat. You can imagine I was really concerned about it possibly being an aneurysm so I went to get checked out. The doc completely understood why I was concerned and did a bit of prodding and poking and concluded that I had a bit of a bleed inside that would be absorbed again as I healed properly.

The lump went away and I was fine.

However, it’s perfectly right to be concerned about these things. Normally, I think they try to alternate legs to allow recovery, so next time ask if they wouldn’t mind going in the other side.

Talking to the nurse is a good plan. If in doubt, go and see your doctor. Primary care probably fine. I went to the out of hours service, which is in the hospital ER department so I’m not sure if I saw an ER person or just a primary. They’ll understand the concern and be happy to check you out, I think.

Very best wishes



In early January I go back for my 6 month post embolization angiogram to see how everything looks. A couple weeks now.


I had a lump with the seal also.

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Hi AngelaM,

I completely understand your worry as I had a lot myself after my last (fourth) angiogram in the past 18 months. I’ve had two on the right and two on the left. My last one this past June was on my left side. They did use a closure device that caused the lump and would stay there after I heal. My symptoms lasted longer, I even went into the ER a week later when I was out of town because the pain shooting down my leg was so bad it felt like constant growing pains or what I assumed was a clot. Thankfully, I was okay.

Today, 5 months later, I still have left side groin pain. I exercise a lot and I think the scar tissue or that device irritates the area. I’m going in for a flow study on both legs to make sure my arterial blood flow wasn’t compromised. I work in the medical device industry and when I researched the device they used I didn’t like everything I read about it. I am probably freaking myself out but oh well. It’s better to check and be safe than sorry!

I hope all is okay with yours and that you can find peace in your healing. Angiograms are not fun! I’ve realized which each next one there’s more pain in the healing process.


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I too had the pain shooting down my leg, not as badly as yours sounds. I googled it (I know google MD is not the answer lol) and it looked like maybe my femoral nerve was the issue. I feel like my muscles are a lot tighter all around and when I squat it really gets tight.

I still have the little lump but the swelling all around has finally gone down thankfully. It just took a lot longer to heal this go around. I do worry a lot about arterial blood flow and accessing the same location.

I hope it feels better for you. I was wondering how acupuncture
might help if at all?

I’ve had an angiogram and 3 embolizations all within 5 months and after 2 years I still have pain they did use a closure device and I think its possible that I may have some nerve damage. I suppose this is a very small side effect compared to what could have happened.

From what i can tll from your condition , it just sounds that you are taking a longer time to recover after it was injected. Everyone has a completely different rate of recovery after the injection. My last angiogram caused a bit of a blue swelling near the groin area and it felt really sore for abut a week and i couldn’t walk very well because of it but it eventully goes away even though it tskes forever. but if you’re concern you can ask Doctors about it or get some anti inflamitory medication to be appied on the injection site. hope this helps.