Angiogram date changed

Well, I was supposed to have my angiogram on 8/13/09,but the date was changed to 8/21/09. I believe that I will be told that my AVM is gone by by, but having to wait another week makes hearing the news frustrating! They only gave me 2 days notice that my angiogram appt. was changed. I had already packed, had a dog siter, etc. etc. So I now have to start again…oh well!

I’m trying to keep busy and not think about it until the day before I go. Thank goodness we’re having nice weather, so I can do some fun things so I won’t think about it!

Hope all is well with my other AVM loved ones!

Looking forward to hearing the good news after your appointment. Good luck!

Hello Louisa .
I hope the days go quickly and that there are no more delays for you .
Hope to see photos of your dive experience soon .