Angiogram cancellation

Well I went yesterday for my Angiogram. I was due to start the process at 8:30am with 2 hours on an IV getting fluids to protect my kidneys, then the actual Angiogram was supposed to be at 11am. We got there at 8:30am they took blood so that they could type me and then we waited. Soon the nurse came over and told us that Dr Baker had 2 emergencies ( an anerism and a bleed ) and could we wait until after the 1st emergency was taken care of, then he would have a better idea of when he could get around to me. Well they came back and said they would not get to me until 4pm and that I would have to be admitted overnight so that I could recover. We thought it over and decided to re schedule for October 20th.

Hi John,

Sorry about the delay. Hope things work out on the 20th.

Take care,


Hey john, the good old waiting game hey… stay strong, keep positive, im thinking of you xxx

Well I would rather delay then stay over night but it still stinks either way. Hope the 20 th comes quick for you and moves smoothly!!

oh my gosh…what a disappointment after you had yourself all mentally ready for it. Better to wait though and have ‘fresh’ doctors operating on you! I’m sure you are both feeling tired today after going thru that. Take care, John.

Sorry to hear that, John. I do not miss the waiting game at all. I can’t even tell you how many appointments I had to reschedule, had to sit around waiting for 2-3 hours (and these are just for office visits with the surgeon!). While I can completely understand emergency surgery (I was on the receiving end of it once myself), but it’s still quite rough on individuals as patients.

Ugh- the waiting must’ve been terrible. The 20th isn’t that far away and you don’t want to stay overnight! That is never good. You might have to eat hospital food!!!