Angiogram and gamma knife

Question, hopefully someone knows.....what is the angiogram for before the gamma knife? Im just worried because the person had me "hold my breath", and I had trouble holding it ... I'll ask my doctor next time I see him. I was just wondering if anyone knows.....

They do. But it isn't like a long time or anything. Its just so they can get good shots of the image. They will let you know as quick as you can take a breath.

thanks Melissa. yea, I was just wondering if I screwed anything up by not being able to hold my breath.

Hi Eric,
I have just had my 2nd and hopefully last lot of gamma knife 25th April, the angio before the gamma knife treatment is to get images and the blood flow of the avm so they can use the data collected to map out and give you the correct dose of radiation needed to hopefully obliterate the avm.I also had to hold my breath but it was only like 2/3 seconds I assume this is to restrict movement made when breathing to give accurate shots of what is going on inside our wonderful brains lol. I hope this helps, feel free to message me for anything else. I’ll try to help xx

A good question. The angiogram before the gamma knife is termed a "Planning Angiogram" By looking at the location of your AVM (on the angio) relative to bony landmarks of your skull, the radiation therapist can control the area treated with the gamma radiation.

The doctor doing the study can see on-the-fly if you moved too much during the injection (That's why we tell you to stop breathing). If you had moved, he/she would just have repeated the injection, so I wouldn't worry about that.

Good luck to you