Angiogram and Embolization Update

Hello Everyone,
My name is Paris, I’m Ameenah’s daughter. I notice my mom spent a lot of time on the site so I figured I should keep everyone updated on her condition. She went in to have her Angiogram and Embolization on April, 16, 2009, during the procedure she had another stroke. Has this happened to any one else?
She is staying positive about the situation so she can recover as soon as possible.


Paris thank you for letting us know how your mom is doing. I’m sorry to hear she had a stroke.Let her know I am thinking of her. And praying for her fast recovery.

Hi Paris. Thanks for the update. We will pray she recovers perfectly! Please tell her we are thinking of her as my daughter had her 1st embo at HUP in 2001. She is a patient at Jefferson now but please let her know we are praying for her.

Paris, thank you so much for updating us. I’ve been concerned about her and am so sorry she’s having a hard time. I’m hoping that she will be okay soon. Please do let her know that we are all thinking of her!!

So sorry to hear about the stroke! Otherwise though, the embo was successful??? Hoping that she continues to recover well and get stronger! Please pass along big hugs from all of us over here. :slight_smile:

Paris its great to meet you and thank you so much for undating us,send her a huge huge from Caroline,please let us know whats going on ok,hugs

Paris, I am so sorry to read this, please pass on my best wishes, she’s a strong lady, please keep us updated with her recovery.

I am so sorry to hear this, Paris. Your mom is such a special person around here and always has a positive word for all. I hope she does recover. I know that there is a risk of stroke even with an angiogram…at least we were told this when our son had one. Please keep us updated and let her know we are all thinking of her. What hospital is she in and when will she be coming home?