Angiogram and Embolization on a baby

My baby has been scheduled in for this procedure on monday at 8am .Can anyone tell me what to expect? they were very brief on the phone , send they would send all details in a letter which i will hopefully get my monday! are they put to sleep? do they go to intensive care afterwards? many thanks x

Hi My Daughter Nicole has had 4 angiograms ( Three with embolizations) the first one at the age of 6, They are put to sleep by a fluid /Gas, the angiogram lasts approx 45-1hr, and they are discharged within 48 hours and are actually depending on how they put them to sleep up and perky within 4 hours,

Good Luck

George x

Hi Hayley, I am so so happy that Jacob will have his procedure done sooner then later!!! On a previous blog I wrote down Gavin's procedure and recovery experience. Please please please let me know if you have any other questions. I am wishing and praying for the best of luck on Monday!!!! Everynight we pray for Jacob and your family!

thanks Katie that means alot :) how did Gavins follow up go? xxx