Angiogram - Abnormal results

Had follow up angiogram one week ago. Results from the neurosurgeon said the AVM was gone, but they found abnormal distal arteries near the location of AVM. They called this 'outpouching', and probably caused by the vascular abnormalities from the AVM. They consider this low risk, but will repeat angiogram in six months. Anyone else had results like this? Thanks!

Never heard of this Barbo but its good info to know cause im due for my angio in a couple more years.

Exactly what are the associated risks of this?

God bless

Hi Barbo, Were these abnormal arteries present before surgery? I ask this because I have aneurysms present along with my AVM. I had coiling in Jan and still have one remaining, (this is how the whole nightmare started). I was told that after resection there is a good possibility the remaining would dissipate. Did neuro say tell you anything like that?

Hi TCM... I honestly don't know. And of course, I didn't think to ask until after I got off the phone with the neurosurgeon. I wondered myself if those were present prior to the surgery... Or it could just be all the stress. I'm not a complainer, but the med bills are mounting - and it's a big hill. Please let me know how your procedure goes this week. You are scheduled next week for the AVM resection??

Just wondering how everything went yesterday... keeping you in my thoughts. Still on for surgery on the 14th??? Fingers crossed!

Hi Barbo,

I think everything went well, the Doctor seemed happy. They were able to get 95% of the avm with embolization. I feel a little loopy but other than that I'm ok. I am still freaked out I have to have this crani. Yes it is still on for the 14th. I'll keep you posted.

I didn’t have the same thing, but they found a fistula that I had to go back in for a week later & get another angiogram to remove it…

Just a small surprise... but not small enough to ignore. Repeat angiogram in six months...

Great news.... keeping you in my thoughts tomorrow. It really was easier than I thought it would be. Just ask for the pain meds as soon as you need them... not so much pain and it was uncomfortable!