Angio was a piece of cake ... and I don't have an AVM!

What a crazy day! The Angio went really well. No problems at all. I didn't even take an Advil until about an hour ago. After the procedure, they asked me the obligatory question, "On a scale of one to ten, ten being the worst, how bad is your pain?" and I answered, "two". I said if you gave me the choice between a sandwich and two Advil right now, I'd take the sandwich. So, basically, today was a walk in the park.

So, I'm at home relaxing in my easy chair about two hours ago and Dr. G called me. He said he's had a really long day, but he took a preliminary look at my images and I do not have an AVM! I have an AVF (Arteriovenous Fistula). He indicated that this was a better diagnosis. I am guessing he is referring to treatment options, but that discussion will still have to wait until my next appointment.

So, I am still planning to go to Amsterdam on August 23rd through the 28th, and then I will have my follow-up appointment with Dr. Germanwala on September 3rd. Of course, I will post another update shortly after that appointment.

Thanks as always for your love and support! I truly feel it and I really appreciate it.

John may every day be as this … and even better !
Have a safe trip and a good time in Amsterdam .
May you have the best results with treating the avf .
Be good to you . Take care of you .

I am so very happy for you and your family.

Atta Boy,…!!



Fabulous news John! But, I hope that doesn’t mean you’re going to dump us AVMers :slight_smile: You’re not gonna go join a AVF group and leave us in the dust are you? Really great news, so pleased you can visit Amsterdam (unbelievable what is legal there!). Have fun!

Yeah, good news!

Glad the angio was easy-peasy. They sound so much scarier than they actually turn out to be :slight_smile:

GREAT NEWS John! Will wait for your update. All my best Lee Ann

Thank you all so much for the wonderful support. Trish, how could I ever leave such beautiful people such as yourselves? No way! I feel like I still belong here, so as long as you’ll have me, I’m staying! :slight_smile:

What wonderful news!!! So glad the angio went well. I agree with Trish and hope you stick around. I hope you are celebrating or had a least doing a happy dance. Even if the party and dancing is in your head I hope you are doing it!!!

Soooooooooooo happy for your good news, John!!! Please do keep us all updated! Have a safe and wonderful trip! Enjoy!

Thanks, Jamie! Thanks, Cindy!

What a great feeling, good for you!

That is great news!!! LUCKY!!! :slight_smile: Im very happy for you!!

Thank you for the welcome. :slight_smile: I’m happy the angio went well,but I"m still scared about the procedure. :frowning: Have a good time on your trip.