Angio over


The Angio went good today. Thank you DM and Barbara H. for asking. We got to the hospital a little late . They wanted me there at 7:00 am for the 9:00 appointment. But most of having to be there early was checking on my insurance and getting my co-pay. I had been told on the phone yesterday I could have them bill me. Since I was stunned when they told me what my co-pay would be. But that changed when I got there. The lady I asked about being billed looked at me as if I was crazy. So I gave her my credit card. At least I did find out when I called my insurance company yesterday I will not have to pay any more than a $1000 for everything, including co=pays. But at least I have insurance :-) The doctor who did the angio was very nice and he told me they got great pictures for my other doctor to do the planning for the radio surgery. They had me sedated enough that I was able to lay still. But my back did start really hurting at the very end. So the worse part of the entire procedure was my back hurting. Having to lie still and not move my left leg for 2 hours during recovery was also very hard. But I am home now and very happy that the entire thing is over with. My back is still hurting a lot. Hopefully that will be gone tomorrow.

I hope your back is feeling better today!

Thank you, it is.

Hi, I am glad it all went well, when I had mine, the worst part for me was when they put the dye though, it felt like my brain was on fire and one of the times my jaw locked up for a minute or 2 so that really scared me. I am glad you did not go though that pain with the dye.

Stay strong and take care

Hi, It is over and you are fine. That is so good. Good luck with the next step.

Glad to hear you are doing well!!