Angio on Friday


I go Friday to get another angio. But today I am going to my primary care doctor to get some blood tests that they need. I need to get back to work so I still have insurance to pay for this. My plan for now is I'll get this angio done and then let them do their planning and when they call to schedule the treatment I will make sure that it isn't until after June 16. I work as a paraeducator and we start summer break then. This way I will not have to miss any more work. Plus I will have down time after the treatment is done. I wish it could of been done sooner but this seems the best why to me. They don't seem to be that concerned about getting me in fast for the radio surgery so why should I be? I just hope the fuse on this time bomb is long enough to wait this long. But I got to do what I got to do. I have been away from my job long enough. I don't want to take the chance of losing it. These are very hard times for education in California and I have watched them push people out of their jobs, I have worked for the same district for23 years so I am at the top of the pay scale. They could replace me with someone else for a lot less money. Please wish me luck with the angio and going back to work.

Of course, I wish you luck with the angio. For me, working was my savior while going through all the tests, treatment, etc. It helped me take my mind off everything. My best to you…Keep the Faith!

Best of luck to you for all the testes and of course work
Will be thinking of you.
Stay strong and take care


I will be praying for you!

Barbara, Thank you so much.

Sending you prayers ! I’m also in ca. Who is your Dr. At UCLA?

I am seeing Dr. DaSalles and Dr. Selch at UCLA probably different if you are going to UCLA too since mine is in my brain. Hope all goes well for you.


Good luck!! Lots and lots of good healthy healing vibes straight to you. Keep us updated on how you are doing. Take recovery slow and don’t push yourself. You won’t do anyone any good if you try to get back to things before your body is ready. Also they can’t fire you because of a medical condition.

Prayers for you.

Thoughts and much prayer your way!!