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Angio next Friday


My two year angiogram to see if gammaknife worked is next friday …I have to be at the hospital thursday at 9 and next day do it …I feel so scared and I admit I feel that I want to cry …I m afraid of the procedure …of the answer being "gammaknife didnt worked " …I dont know …just feel like a mess :sob:


HI Rita! I just ha my two year done in January and got positive results. I’ve had three angios now and while there is some risk it is minimal. When explaining the risks to me at my second one I said to the Dr., “I a have greater likelihood of getting hit by a bus when I leave here than complications with the procedure”. He laughed and said basically that s right. They are so good at what they do.

The results piece is very difficult for sure, as we jut don’t know. I approached it with the mindset that I can’t control the results, and regardless I will know where I was at and then have a plan for what is next. It took some effort to stay in that “zone” and as the days passed after the procedure I was wondering more and more. Us gamma knife folks do need a lot of patience, and that is something I struggled with for sure.

Know that you have great support here, look forward to the angio! Take Care, John


Thanks for the support…I think is more emotional what I m feeling right now…is something that I want to hear for so so long and as I knew I could only wait now that some action is going to happen and take me off from this almost 3 years limbo I m just accusing all the preassure that has build up from these years. Do you already have your answer if your avm is gone? Today I asked my neuro and he said that they say immediately the result ,at least I wont have to wait!


I got my answer on Tuesday, and it is gone. I will go see my neuro one more time and next will be an MRI in a couple of years as a precaution. I am lucky, and I understand the emotional side of things, it is so hard, waiting and wondering. I will be thinking of you! Is it tomorrow or Friday the 22nd?

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Congratulations!!! I m really happy for you and I cant imagine what you felt when you received the news! And no radiation necrosis? Yes its on the 22…I wish time flies…