Angio Follow up

So I went to the doc for my follow up yesterday— hardly a follow up…

We are waiting to be scheduled for them to embolize now— trying to coordinate the surgery and Embolization at the same time, but not sure it will work out timing wise. Have my next appt with my surgeon on the 30th – so we’ll see.

Anyone that has done the Embolization— any advice would be greatly appreciated. I’m a little nervous about having them inject ‘glue’ into my brain- but I get the reasons. I’m also curious how bad this “headache” they claim I will have after is going to be. I get debilitating migraines as it is, its a bit nerve racking. I had a minor migraine- upset stomach and what not fri/sat just from the angiogram so— any tips advice would be very helpful. :slight_smile:

anyway- I promised I would keep everyone updated- so :slight_smile: this is all the info we have at this point… Will post again when I have dates etc.

thanks again everyone :slight_smile:

I had coiling and glue on my first experience with this condition. On the 3 or 4 follow up treatments it has all been glue. Other than some strange smell/taste sensations it wasn’t too bad. They didn’t warn me about a headache but I found out for myself afterwards. It was pretty bad but it responded to pain med and didn’t last too long. Mine was centered about where my jaw pivots in front of my right ear but that probably varies with the location of the treatment. Glue sounds bad but at least so far they haven’t done any cutting. Good luck with yours, it is a scary place to be.

David, that is awful they didn’t warn you about the headache. Being a migraine sufferer already, my biggest concern is will it be a ‘tolerable’ or “kill me now” level. I’m glad yours responded to the pains meds. I hope I’m as lucky, though, mine have never responded to anything before-- I’m hopeful. Thank you for sharing, sorry it took me so long to reply back. I haven’t been online much here lately.