Angio and mri how often does everyone have them?

m daughter as a large avm that as not bled, she had her last angio 17months ago the drs dont want to do another as the risks her last mri was a year ago.... how often does everyone else have angios and mri to check on there avm????

Lisa, I had my first my angio when I was diagnosed in 1987 and didn't have another angio until 2005! I did this with my current adult neurosurgeon just so I could make sure he was familiar with my avm should anything happen in the future. During that 18 year period of no treatment, I had numerous mri's and ct's but only to rule out possible bleeds after a seizure. I did the 2005 angio when I was symptom free to rule out any aneurysyms. My avm treatment didn't start until 2009. Hope this helps, my avm is very large also but it is NOT a death sentence!:) -GK

Hi Lisa, My daugher Nikki whose 7 has a cranofacial AVM, shes had 4 angio's in a year and is due to have another one combined with an embolization within the month . There is no real concensus as to when its the right time , But with facial AVMS the angios are combined with embos. If your daughter has not had a bleed i would be inclined to leave things alone, The Docs will know when is best to have another one. George