Aneurysm clips and MRI

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I am very glad to have found this Forum. My AV burst happened when I was 7 years old back in 1963-64. As I explained in my profile it took many months and two major surgeries for them to locate and remove what they felt they could. They used metal clips to close off the blood vessels.

Notes from those days are somewhat sketchy. My concern involves the possibility of being unconscious in an emergency and facing the possibility of an MRI. I have been warned of the danger of the clips dislodging. Modern materials are supposed to be non-ferrous but there is no way to know the composition of mine. Has anyone else here had this issue?

I had non-metal clips in 2007 and can have MRIs but was told an MRI will pull metal clips out like a very strong magnet. Maybe you could wear a medical alert bracelet in case something unforseen might occur.

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Here is a link to some info on the subject:

I had that question come up when I was scheduled to have an MRI a few months after having an AVM removed from my neck. The doctor who performed the surgery had to submit an operating report to the MRI facility that said there weren't any clips used when the AVM was removed before I could have the MRI done.

Since your AVM was removed in 63-64, I don't know if there would be an operating report of your surgery available. I like takemeasiam's suggestion of wearing a bracelet to alert doctors in case you described.

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I’d recommend a bracelet as well, my avm clips are in my spine, MRI safe, BUT I have a spinal stimulator in place that isn’t & I had the same concern, being unconscious and sent in for an MRI, so I got a bracelet

I also have metallic clips which were placed in 1966 after brain surgery to remove my avm. The medical bracelet alert is definitely a good idea. You never know when/if you'll need to have that info available. Thanks!!

Funny thing, I thought med alert bracelet (mine is a necklace) would be wise in case I couldn't communicate for myself. So when my neurologist suggested it, I told him it was already being engraved! I highly suggest anyone who has any ailment that could prevent them from communicating for themselves, wear a medical alert "something". In fact, you can put your medical info on a USB port. Many EMS/ambulances are equipped with computers. They can pop that baby in and have what they need on the way.

I have been thinking about this very same issue for years. I had my AVM clipped in 1990. My Surgeon was close to retirement then -- I wonder if I can get this information from the hospital if he is no longer practicing? I like the idea of the bracelet.

I had medical clips put in with a shunt in 1979 to drain fluid from the cerebellum prior to the removal of a benign tumour attached to both brain hemispheres. Until My AVM was diagnosed in January 2013 I did not think about or understand the implications were I to accidentally be given an MRI. Because of this I went online and ordered a large distinct emergency bracelet that is only removed when I shower. I have a home pendant alarm system installed that I wear when I sleep and in the shower. This way I am covered 24 hrs a day. I would strongly encourage you to do the same and to make sure it is highlighted on your medical files. Even with all these precautions I have still had a neurosurgical registrar at the hospital request an MRI and I had to tell them again. The more people who know the better protected you are against mistakes.

I just saw my neuro last week and am scheduled for a MRI...they mentioned that i need to make sure that the MRI machine can be compatible with the material of the clips they used on me so i was given a copy of my operation report.

This now worries me as i was unaware of the magnetic issues that the MRI may cause to clips. I had my surgery in early 2011 and wonder if i would be subject to any issues also...God bless

Hi. It was 25 years ago that I had my surgery due to it rupturing. years went by and one day I had the same thought, what if I was uncontious, so I asked my GP and he sent me for a head exray. 6 years ago he told me to get a medic alert braclet and on that it reads, No MRI clipped AVM. I have never felt safer. I found that having 2 is a good thing just incase you were to lose one .I never take it off as you never know where or what situation you will be in. Good luck

Me! My craniotomy was more than 25 years ago and I have 2 clips in my head. Put something in your wallet that says No MRI. Click on this link. There are some apps which can add In Case Of Emergency info…