Aneurysm and avm

I have both, but neurosurgeon does not seem to be worried re aneurysm as it is so small I presume. I must ask him when i have next mri which I have every year. And the avm it is my choice to leave and not have it operated on, as I fear the consequences of the operation more than the risk of leaving it. My choice my life. Interesting to hear all the opinions tho.

My husband is seeing a vasculaar neurosurgeon next week Patrician. We learned this week he has an AVM a cavernous malformation and an aneurysm. We get treatment options at that visit.
Why did you decide not to treat?

I am 69 years of age and my avm was found in 2004 by accident.After much investigation I was of the opinion that the avm could have been there all my life. There are other avms in your body and although this one is in the brain and more dangerous at this stage I have no effects from it. An operation may give me more serious side effects so i choose to have an mri every year to monitor any changes with an excellent neurosurgeon to watch over me. Mind you he tells me there will be no warning probably if it ruptures. Iam taking that risk.sorry I didnot reply earlier.