Anderstanding definishion of mri and of what seamed to be minor head stroke

hi/we have avm as a genetic problem in our familly
last year sufferd from low hemoglobin and iron and weakness and had a few malena episodes after that at a gastro capsule in hospital a avm was diagnozed in stomach;last episode came with sever headacke;loss of eye sight and weakness of muscles in my feat couldnt walk for 20 minutes;it took 4 months to recouperate and i came back to myself;a year later i had mri om my brain to check no avm in brain
thjanks god no avm was found
the only thing that was wrong was a sign of narrow left verterble
what does this mean and if no avm ewas found what caused that minor headstroke im confused what to do it shouldnt happen again what does a narrow left verterble mean

I’m sorry just not familiar at all with the term verterble. I would suggest contacting where you originally got treated. They should be willing to clear this up for you. Best wishes