And so this is Christmas!

This Christmas was the best ever, well in my memory anyway. I recieved the best gift ever, knowledge. The knowledge I got came from words spoken by my dear departed Granny, "I don't need anything for Christmas I already have it all". I heard those words my entire life starting as a child, I still wanted more toys. I heard it as a young adult but I stilled wanted a new outfit. I heard it as a wife but still I wanted jewelery. I tried to give more as a mother and yet the whole time I was surrounded by the most precious gift of all, the love of family and friends.

This year there wasn't much money due to my medical expenses as well as having to cut back on my work hours still it was the best ever. I took what money I had and had an Open House. Open House all day long so that it would not be a burden for my friends to have to "fit" me into their already busy day. There was food and drink and memories galore. Laughter that was shared by old friends and I watched new friendships emerge. There are pictures. There are phone calls of gratitude for fun times. There were not many leftovers when it came to the food and drink but the left over memories will fill my heart for a lifetime. I can't look at the trash without smiling as I remember the compliments on my cooking. I can't look at the empty drink bottles without hearing the children say "wow my favorite". I can't eat another cookie because my jeans will surely burst much like my heart with the joy that was shared by all.

Some couldn't come and that is Ok because they will have their own time to add to the love that surrounds me. Some couldn't come because they are no longer with me, they were here as I heard people share their memories of their time with them. I found the last Christmas Card my Granny gave me, I put it with this year's cards. I found cards my son made when he was small and somehow they just didn't make it to Christmas that year, they made it to their recieptiants this year. It made them smile, me too.

What I found this Christmas I hope to keep the year through, God's simple pleasures. The snow fell outside and yet no one cared, we were warm. The food began to run out and yet no one cared, we were not hungry anyway. The drinks gone but water poured from the tap. We were warm and safe and full in the loving arms of friends.

As a child I cried because I didn't get what I wanted. As an dult I was angered that no one heard what I wanted. As a Mother I was disappointed I couldn't get my son what I thought he deserved. As an AVM Survivor I got it all. Thank you and Merry Christmas to all and to all a good life!

Lori thank you for sharring your joy ! I read this twice and am crying for happy....just like happy dancing but with the eyes you know ?

I have a wish for every one and that is that they too know the sheer unadulterated joy that allows them a smile when they see even the trash that contains the remnants of having it all .

Your " Granny " was a brilliant and wise woman and I enjoy the fact that her legacey lives in you .

To a good life ......CHEERS !

What a beautiful recount of your Christmas Day. Thank you for sharing. I, too, felt this Christmas was different. We only found out about our granddaughters AVM in October. There was no feelings of stress, hurry or hassle in preparing for Christmas this year. It was relaxed and beautiful, absorbing the feelings of love from family. Life is such a gift from God.

Granny is a smart lady! So glad you had a wonderful holiday and that you were able to enjoy all of those very important aspects of the season. Sounds like a wonderful time and I'm sure so many people felt blessed and loved coming to your house that day. What a wonderful gift to have given them and yourself.

:) Shalon

What a great post! Lots of joy, warmth and gratitude all exudes the spirit of xmas to me. The true spirit of the holidays! God bless!

What great words of wisdom.