An Update

Since my first post a lot has happened. Thankfully I never needed a skin graft. The wound healed over on its own, took about 5 weeks. However the tissue is so thin at the back of my mouth that you can still "see" the tendon through my skin. There is also a small indent in my throat now. I have had pretty bad jaw problems since the surgery. My jaw was immensely tight for weeks. I was hardly able to open it. I was on a liquid/soft food diet for about 8 post-op due to my jaw. It took me about 12 weeks to be able to open my mouth wide enough to bite anything like a sandwich. Only within the past 4-6 weeks has my jaw been able to open to nearly what it was before this past treatment in May. My teeth are very sensitive though still (this has never been a problem until after this surgery). The sensation and taste has returned to my tongue, but occasionally it feels like a shock is going through the tip of it, like someone stuck battery to it. The sensation in my cheek next to my mouth has almost completely returned too. It only feels numb occasionally now. The fatigue post-op was devastating. I couldn't do simple things like walk to the bathroom or get dressed without getting dizzy or having to lay down because I was so drained. My potassium was 3.1 from my medications. That probably didn't help my fatigue. It took about 2 weeks after I was off all my medication to finally be able to think right and not be so tired. They make my brain all cloudy and mushy when I'm on them. haha. I didn't really feel like myself again until around the end of June/beginning of July. Trying to get a hold of my Dr. now to see if I need to schedule another MRI. Hoping for the best!

Thank you so much for the update! I hope things continue to improve!

I’m so glad that you are past the surgery and recovering, chels. Who is your surgeon?

Dr. Wayne Yakes from Swedish Medical Center in Englewood CO. His is very good!