An update on my hubby....have a question

Avery went for a c-spine MRI on his neck. The drs thought that that might be what is causing the numbness and tingling on his right side. The neuro didnt think that he was having seizures because of the cavernous malformation. But the MRI showed that the left side had 5 ruptured discs and would need to be fixed. The right side of his neck was fine. The neurosurgeon looked at his mri’s of his left side and told us that the cavernous malformation has moved over near the cerebrial cortex and swelling. When the swelling goes down he thinks that some of the blood is seeping causing him to have seizures. The neurosurgeon order an EEG and it didnt show a seizure. Even though Avery has had some black outs in the last few weeks , the neurologist still thinks that he can still be having seizures although the eeg didnt show it at the time because he is not having them often enough for an EEG to catch them. So he has decided to put him back on seizure meds. He has had him on 2 others which was topimax, which he couldnt take because of the side effects, and one other that gave him bad side effects too. Now the neurologist wants him to take Keppra. We have gone online and searched it and we werent real crazy about the side effects. Has anyone taken it this drug? If you have did you have good luck with it or any side effects please comment back. He is unsure about this new med. and would appreciate any comments on it. Hugs and prayers to all!! Liz

let me know what you find with the seizure meds, Im on topamaz for almost three months and am still trying to adjust,dont know if i can???hard side effects,not to mention,cant seem to eat!!!lost 13 poundsin three months…but on the good side,no seizures so far,hope all gets well soon…many blessings being sent your way…hugs,caroline